Celebrities Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free trivia quiz questions with answers about famous celebrities


Celebrities Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Who was born Allen Stewart Konigsberg?
A: Woody Allen.

Which film director wrote the screenplay for Patton?
A: Francis Ford Coppola.

Which composer was the musical director of the New York Philharmonic from 1958 to 1970?
A: Leonard Bernstein.

How many wives had Humphrey Bogart had before Lauren Bacall?
A: Three.

Who in 1994 put an ad in The Times with Richard Gere to say their marriage was still strong?
A: Cindy Crawford.

Who did Mate Garcia marry in 1996 by pointing to his symbol?
A: Prince.

Which perfume house did Madonna advertise in the late 1990s?
A: Max Factor.


Who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment after an incident in a hotel in 1991?
A: Paula Jones.

Model Ms Bourret is usually known by her first name alone; what is it?
A: Caprice.

Which celebrity restaurants do Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger own?
A: Planet Hollywood.

Sir Magdi Yacoub became famous in which medical field?
A: Heart transplants.

Which Jackson brother has a name nearest the beginning of the alphabet?
A: Jackie.

Who was Charlie Chaplin's final father in law?
A: Eugene O'Neill.

Who became Ambassador to Ghana in 1974?
A: Shirley Temple Black.


Who wrote the music for An American In Paris?
A: George Gershwin.

Who wrote "Honeysuckle Rose" ;and "Ain't Misbehavin"?
A: Fats Waller.

In 1998 Cristina Sanchez became the first woman to become what?
A: Matador.

What was Paul Robeson's profession before he became a stage actor?
A: Lawyer.

Who was nicknamed the "cowboy philosopher"?
A: Will Rogers.

Who protested about Michael Jackson during the Brit Awards in 1996?
A: Jarvis Cocer.


Which British redhead did Paris Match sign as a regular writer in 1996?
A: The Duchess of York.

How was Ferdinand Joseph Lemott better known?
A: Jelly Roll Morton.

Which blonde Texan has daughters Elizabeth and Georgia, and sons James and Gabriel?
A: Jerry Hall.

In 1997 who did Kelly Fisher claim she was engaged to when photos of him with someone else appeared in the papers?
A: Dodi Fayed.

Which golfer won all the major world championships in 1953 despite a serious car crash in 1949?
A: Ben Hogan.