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Sex Trivia Questions and Answers

Sex trivia quiz questions with answers.


Sex Trivia Questions and Answers

Who was once put in jail for her obscene stage play "Sex"?
A: Mae West.

Sex Kittens Go To College, Platinum High School and College Confidential are three teen movies that a famous country music star appeared in in 1960. Who was the country artist?
A: Conway Twitty.

What does blonde sex symbol of the 90s, Sharon Stone, claim her IQ is?
A: 154.

Crocodile embryos sex is determined by which factor, temperature, humidity, or genetics?
A: Temperature.

The name of the machine in Woody Allen's 1973 comedy sleeper that replace sex was what?
A: The Orgasmatron.

To create her sexy walk, what did Marilyn Monroe do?
A: She sawed off part of the heel of one shoe.

What woman accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment after an incident in a hotel in 1991?
A: Paula Jones.


In the epic films, Live Nude Girls and Porky's, before Sex and the City beckoned, what actress appeared in them?
A: Kim Cattrall.

Which sexy French actress and sex symbol later in life became an animal rights campaigner?
A: Brigitte Bardot.

Mae West was how old when she starred in the movie Sextet?
A: 85.

What was the theme song for the Oscar-nominated film, The Full Monty?
A: You Sexy Thing.

What was the name of the band that started their career with the song "Anarchy in the UK"?
A: Sex Pistols.

Americans think which regional accent is the sexiest, most liked, and recognizable?
A: Southern.


On the Batman TV series, what Hollywood sexpot played the wicked Siren?
A: Joan Collins.

How often does Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame need to have sex?
A: Once every seven years.

What American President said, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"?
A: Bill Clinton.

Which sport has what is called a sex allowance?
A: Horse Racing.

After a play-by-play of his kinky sex life became public, what NBC sportscaster was fired?
A: Marv Albert.

An Olympic requirement was waived for Princess Ann when she competed as an equestrian at the 76 summer games in Montreal, what was it?
A: She was not required to take a chromosome (sex) test.

Billie Jean King beat who in the famous battle of the sexes in 1973?
A: Bobbie Riggs.

During the 1996 Olympic games what did the Canadian swim team members swear to give up during the games?
A: Sex.

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