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American Trivia Questions And Answers

American history trivia questions with answers about America.


American Trivia Questions And Answers

What baseball team won the 1987 World Series?
A: Minnesota Twins.

What did Thomas Sullivan in New York in 1908 introduce?
A:  The Tea Bag.

What was the name of the first baseball player to have his number retired?
A:  Lou Gehrig.

What team won the 1988 Super bowl. ?
A: Washington Redskins

Which U.S. state was the last one to ratify the abolition of slavery in the 1990s?
A: Mississippi.

By what other name was the famous American painter Anna Mary Robinson known?
A: Grandma Moses.

What was the name of the world's first commercial atomic powered ship?
A: The Savannah.


What in history were the Beaver, Dartmouth and Eleanor?
A: Ships of the Boston Tea Party.

John Davidson Rockefeller got rich in what industry?
A: Oil.

Canada sold what to the United States in 1885?
A: Niagara Falls.

What was the Mark Twain in World War II?
A: A Bombsight.

Who was the first mailman in Philadelphia?
A: Benjamin Franklin.

What did Massachusetts outlaw in 1659?
A: Christmas.

What was the name of first man to appear on the cover of playboy magazine?
A: Peter Sellers.


Who won the Super bowl in 1989?
A: San Francisco 49ers

What was the name of the highwayman who rode the horse named Black Bess?
A: Dick Turpin

What sport introduced the term southpaw?
A: Baseball.

What was the signature tune of the Harlem Globetrotters?
A: Sweet Georgia Brown.

Who was shown on the most popular US postal stamp of 1998?
A: Sylvester and Tweety

In 1845, in Boston Massachusetts,  it was illegal to do what without a doctor's note?
A:  Bathe


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