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Fun Food Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers about Random Miscellaneous Foods

Food trivia questions and answers about miscellaneous foods.


Fun Food Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers about Random Miscellaneous Foods

What type of oven will not brown foods?
A:  Microwave oven.

What type of food did Linda McCartney launch?
A: Vegetarian food.

What type of tree leaves are the only food that a koala bear will eat?
A: Eucalyptus.

Which country in Europe consumes more spicy Mexican food than any other?
A: Norway.

The FDA approved what fat substitute for use in snack foods even though there were reports of side affects like cramps and diarrhea?
A: Olestra.

Federal labeling regulations require how much caffeine be removed from coffee for it to be called decaffeinated?
A: Ninety seven percent.

What famous Greek once advised: "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food"?
A: Hippocrates.


What interesting way does the snakebird, darter, or water turkey catch fish?
A: It spears the fish with its long, straight, sharp bill.

Chicken is the leading cause of what food born illness?
A: Salmonella poisoning.

Who invented Margarine in 1868?
A: Hyppolyte Merge-mouries.

What group of people were the first to use freeze-drying on potatoes?
A: The Incas.

What was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles favorite food?
A: Pizza.

What food was considered the food of the Gods, and was said to bring eternal life to anyone who ate it?
A: Ambrosia.

When Birdseye first introduced its frozen foods in 1930, what was it called?
A: Frosted Food.


What was the convenience food that Joel Cheek developed?
A: Instant Coffee.

What did Clarence Birdseye do before hitting on the idea of frozen foods?
A: He trapped frogs for a zoo.

The song, Food, Glorious Food, was featured in which musical?
A: Oliver.

Of the Worlds food crops, what percentage is pollinated by insects?
A: 80 percent.

The Giant panda's favorite food is what?
A: Bamboo shoots.

Which entertainer on Conan O'Brien's show, choose NBC cafeteria chicken over his own brand in a blind taste test?
A: Kenny Rogers.

What drink was sold as Diastoid when first introduced?
A: Malted milk.


What type of micro organism makes up the base of marine and freshwater food chains?
A: Plankton.

What type of creature builds a lodge in which to store food, rear its young, and pass the winter?
A: Beaver.

What fruit or vegetable was dubbed the FlavrSavr and was the first genetically engineered food sold in the United States?
A: The tomato.

What fitness guru appeared as a dancing meatball in an Italian TV commercial as an art student?
A: Richard Simmons.

What Olympic athlete could not run the 200-meter final in the 92 Olympics because of food poisoning?
A: Michael Johnson.

What morning food has a name derived from the German word for stirrup?
A: Bagel.

In 1904, what food product was renamed Post Toasties cereal because the clergy objected to the original name?
Elijah's Manna.

In the United States, what are the five most frequently eaten fruits?
A: The  banana, apple, watermelon, orange,  and cantaloupe

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