Bible Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free Bible trivia quiz questions with answers


Bible Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Who was eaten by dogs in the Old Testament?
A:  Jezebel

In the New Testament publicans had what job?
A:  Tax Collectors

What is the most common name in the Bible?
A:  Zachariah

Who was the only Apostle to die a natural death?
A:  Saint John

In the Bible in what city did Jesus perform his first miracle turning water into wine?
A: Cana - John 2: 1.11


Luke wrote two Bible books, Luke and what?
A:  Acts

What was Isaacs wife's name?
A: Rebekah

Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Eli and Isaiah were all what?
A:  Prophets

The last book of the Old Testament is what?
A:  Malachi

What was the sixth plague of Egypt?
A:  Water into Blood


What did Simon of Cyrene do?
A:  Carried Christ's cross

 What tree is mentioned just once in the Bible?
A:  Poplar

Who was the father of Abraham?
A:  Terah

What biblical towns name means' House of Bread' in Hebrew?
A:  Bethlehem

Who was the Roman soldier who stabbed Jesus?
A:  Longinius


Boaz appears in which book of the Bible?
A:  Ruth

Zipporah was the wife of who?
A:  Moses

What is the name of Moses and Aaron's sister?
A:  Miriam

The Greek version of what is called the Septuagint?
A: Old Testament

The good Samaritan was traveling to where?
A:  Jericho