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Beer and Wine Trivia Questions With Answers

Trivia questions about beer and wine.


Beer and Wine Trivia Questions With Answers

Miller Lite beer is made by what company?
A:  Philip Morris

Where is it illegal to provide beer to an elephant?
A: In Natchez Missouri

In Kansas, what can a waiter not legally do in a teacup?
A:  Serve wine

Sending a friend a Bottle of beer or booze can get you 5 years where?
A: In Kentucky.

What beer made in Zimbabwe is named after a river?
A:  Zambezi


A carbonade is a dish that must contain what?
A:  Beer

In Welsh, Cwrw ,pronounced koo roo, is what?
A:  Beer

Per capita, which state consumes the least beer ?
A: Utah

To an Australian what is an esky?
A: A Portable Beer Cooler

What company produces Olympia beer?
A:  Miller

Barbara, Carignan, Cinsaut, and Nebbilo are verities of what?
A: Italian wine grapes


What is a beer barrel called that contains 108 gallons?
A:  Butt

What nation is it that produces wine in the Casablanca valley?
A:  Chile

What was the ancient Egyptian cure for hemorrhoids?
A:  Beer - lots of beer

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