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Cartoon Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Trivia quiz questions with the answers about cartoons


Cartoon Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Who are Daisy Ducks three nieces?
A:  April May June.

Originally, what color was Tweety Bird?
A:  Pink.

What is Donald Ducks sister's name?
A:  Dumbella.

What comic strip character did Alex Raymond create in 1934?
A:  Flash Gorden.

The cartoon character Droopy was created by who?
A: Tex Avery.

The Incredible Hulks girlfriend has what name?
A:  Betty Ross

Woody Woodpecker was created by who?
A:  Walter Lantz.


Wile E. Coyote scenes were edited in the 1980s for being too what?
A:  Violent.

In the Simpsons what is the name of the Police Chief?
A:  Chester Wiggum.

Before spinach, what did Popeye eat for strength?
A:  Garlic.

What do Beavis and Butt-head have on their T shirts?
A:  Metallica - AC/ DC.

In Peanuts, where was Snoopy born?
A: Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.

In Batman Forever,  who rejected the role of Riddler?
A: Robin Williams.

Winnie the Pooh lived where?
A:  Hundred Acre Wood.


In The Simpsons what is the name of the cat?
A:  Snowball.

What cartoon characters first name is Quincy?
A:  Mr. Magoo.

What is the name of the shrunken city in a bottle in the Superman comics?
A:  Kandor

Which comic character was dynamited to death in issue 428?
A:  Robin.

What group of Marvel comic superheroes battle with Doctor Doom?
A: The Fantastic Four

What X man shoots laser beams from his eyes?
A:  Cyclops