Robin Williams Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Robin Williams Trivia Quiz with questions and answers.


Robin Williams Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What was Robin Williams’s birth name?
A: Robin McLaurin Williams.

What middle school did Williams attend?
A: Deer Path Junior High School.

Robins first performance took place at what comedy club in San Francisco?
A: Holy City Zoo.

Who was Robin Williams's father?
A: Robert Fitzgerald Williams, a senior executive at the Ford Motor Company.

When was Robin Williams born?
A: July 21, 1951.

Where did Robin enroll after high school?
A: Claremont Men's College in Claremont, California.

What religion did Robins mother practice?
A: Christian Science.


While attending Claremont Men's College what did Robin study?
A: Political science.

Where was Robin Williams born?
A: Chicago, Illinois, United States.

On what date did Robin Williams die?
A: August 11, 2014.

How old was Robin Williams when he died?
A: 63.

What was the official cause of death for Robin Williams?
A: Asphyxia due to suicidal hanging.

How many children did Robin Williams have?
A: 3

Robin Williams got his start as stand-up comedian in what two cities in the mid-1970s?
A: San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Williams rose to fame as Mork on what TV series?
A:  Mork & Mindy (1978–82).

Robin Williams was known for his what?
A: Improvisational skills.

Robin Williams attained a full scholarship to what highly regarded school in New York City?
A:  Juilliard School.

What movie was Robins film debut?
A: Popeye (1980).

How many times was Robin nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor?
A: Three times.

He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his in what movie?
A:  Good Will Hunting.

How many Emmys did Williams receive during his acting career?
A: Two.


How many golden Globe Awards did Robin Williams win?
A: Six.

 How many  Screen Actors Guild Awards did Robin Williams receive?
A: Two.

On  what date did Robin Williams commit suicide?
A: August 11, 2014.

At what hospital was Robin Williams born?
A: At St. Luke's Hospital.

Robin  first saw Jonathan Winters on TV when he was how old?
A: Eight.

Who was Robin's mother?
A:  Laurie McLaurin, a former model from Jackson, Mississippi.

What are the names of Williams's two elder half-brothers?
A: Robert Todd Williams and McLaurin Smith-Williams.


In what religion was Robin Williams raised?
A: As an Episcopalian.

Robin gave credit to his mother as an important early influence for his what?
A: Sense of humor.

What elementary school did Robin Attend?
A: Gorton Elementary School.

In 1963, when Robin was twelve, his dad was transferred to where?
A: Detroit.

In school, Robin was on the school's soccer team, wrestling team, and became class what?
A: President.

How old was Robin when his father took early retirement and moved his family moved to Tiburon, California?
A: 16.


After the family moved to Tiburon, California, Williams attended what high school?
A:  Redwood High School in nearby Larkspur.

Robin studied theatre for three years at what institution?
A: College of Marin, a community college in Kentfield, California.

Robin Williams paid many of his friend Christopher Reeve's what?
A: Medical bills.

After Robin and his family moved to Marin County California, Robin began his career doing  what?
A: Stand-up comedy shows in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who became Robin's  "idol" early in life?
A: Jonathan Winters.

Williams won a Grammy Award for the recording of what 1979 live show at the Copacabana in New York?
A: "Reality...What a Concept".