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Ford Car Trivia Questions and Answers About Ford Motor Company


Car Trivia Questions and Answers

What is Ford Motor Company?
A: Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

Who was it founded by?
A: Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903.

The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and most luxury cars under what brand?
A: The Lincoln brand.

Ford also owns what Brazilian SUV manufacturer?
A: Troller.

It also owns an 8% stake in Aston Martin of the United Kingdom, and a 49% stake in what?
A: Jiangling Motors of China.

Where does it have joint-ventures?
A: In China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Russia.

The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is controlled by whom?
A: The Ford family; they have minority ownership but the majority of the voting power.

Ford's former UK subsidiaries Jaguar and Land Rover, acquired in 1989 and 2000 respectively, were sold to whom?
A: Tata Motors in March 2008.

When did Ford own the Swedish automaker Volvo?
A: From 1999 to 2010.

In 2011, Ford discontinued what brand?
A: Mercury.

Ford is the second-largest U.S.-based automaker, behind whom?
A: General Motors.

It’s the fifth-largest in the world behind whom?
A: Toyota, VW, Hyundai-Kia and General Motors based on 2015 vehicle production.

At the end of 2010, Ford was the fifth largest automaker where?
A: In Europe.

During the financial crisis at the beginning of the 21st century, it was close to what?
A: Bankruptcy, but it has since returned to profitability.

Ford was the eleventh-ranked overall American-based company in the 2018 Fortune 500 list, based on what?
A: Global revenues in 2017 of $156.7 billion.

In 2008, Ford produced how many automobiles?
A: 5.532 million.

How many employees did it have?
A: About 213,000 employees at around 90 plants and facilities worldwide.

Henry Ford's first attempt at a car company under his own name was what?
A: The Henry Ford Company, on November 3, 1901.

What did it become on August 22, 1902?
A: It became the Cadillac Motor Company, after Ford left with the rights to his name.

The Ford Motor Company was launched in a converted factory in what year?
A: 1903.

The first president was not Ford, but whom?
A: Local banker John S. Gray, who was chosen to assuage investors' fears that Ford would leave the new company the way he had left its predecessor.

During its early years, the company produced how many cars a day?
A: Just a few cars a day at its factory on Mack Avenue and later its factory on Piquette Avenue in Detroit, Michigan.

Groups of two or three men worked on each car, assembling it from what?
A: Parts made mostly by supplier companies contracting for Ford.

Within a decade, the company would lead the world in the expansion and refinement of what?
A: The assembly line concept.

How old was Henry Ford when he founded the Ford Motor Company?
A: He was 39.

It has been in continuous family control for how long?
A: Over 100 years and is one of the largest family-controlled companies in the world.

The first gasoline powered automobile had been created in 1885 by whom?
A: The German inventor Carl Benz.

More efficient production methods were needed to make automobiles affordable for whom?
A: The middle class.

Between 1903 and 1908, Ford produced what models?
A: The Models A, B, C, F, K, N, R, and S.

In 1908, Ford introduced the mass-produced what?
A: Model T, which totaled millions sold over nearly 20 years.

In 1927, Ford replaced the T with the what?
A: Model A.

The model A was the first car with what?
A: Safety glass in the windshield.

Ford launched the first low-priced car with a V8 engine in what year?
A: 1932.

In an attempt to compete with General Motors' mid-priced Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Buick, Ford created what?
A: The Mercury in 1939 as a higher-priced companion car to Ford.

What company did Henry Ford purchase in 1922, in order to compete with such brands as Cadillac and Packard for the luxury segment of the automobile market?
A: The Lincoln Motor Company.

In 1929, Ford was contracted by the government of the Soviet Union to set up what?
A: The Gorky Automobile Plant.

Ford offered the Lifeguard safety package from 1956, which included what innovations?
A: Standard deep-dish steering wheel, optional front, and, for the first time in a car, rear seatbelts, and an optional padded dash.

Ford introduced child-proof door locks into its products in what year?
A: 1957.

Also in the same year, it offered the first retractable what?
A: Hardtop on a mass-produced six-seater car.

In late 1955, Ford established the Continental division as a separate what?
A: Luxury car division.

This division was responsible for the manufacture and sale of what?
A: The famous Continental Mark II.

At the same time, the Edsel division was created to design and market that car starting with what model year?
A: The 1958 model year.

When was the Ford Mustang introduced?
A: On April 17, 1964 during New York World's Fair.

In 1965, Ford introduced what?
A: The seat belt reminder light.

During the 1980s, Ford began using what advertising slogan?
A: "Have you driven a Ford, lately?" to introduce new customers to their brand and make their vehicles appear more modern.

In 1990 and 1994 respectively, Ford also acquired what car companies?
A: Jaguar Cars and Aston Martin.

Who serves as the executive chairman at the board of Ford Motor Company?
A: William Clay Ford Jr., great-grandson of Henry Ford.

By 2005, both Ford and GM's corporate bonds had been downgraded to what?
A: Junk status.

In the latter half of 2005, Chairman Bill Ford asked newly appointed Ford Americas Division President Mark Fields to do what?
A: To develop a plan to return the company to profitability.

When did Fields preview the Plan, named The Way Forward?
A: At the December 7, 2005, board meeting of the company and it was unveiled to the public on January 23, 2006.

In developing the hybrid electric power train technologies for the Ford Escape Hybrid SUV, why did Ford license similar Toyota hybrid technologies?
A: To avoid patent infringements.

The automaker reported the largest annual loss in company history in 2006 of how much?
A: $12.7 billion.

Ford surprised Wall Street in the second quarter of 2007 by posting a profit of how much?
A: $750 million.

On June 2, 2008, Ford sold its Jaguar and Land Rover operations to Tata Motors for how much?
A: $2.3 billion.

Ford showed a profit of how much in fiscal year 2009?
A: $2.7 billion, the company's first full-year profit in four years.

In 2012, Ford's corporate bonds were upgraded from junk to what?
A: Investment grade, citing sustainable, lasting improvements.

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