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Blacklist TV Series Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Blacklist trivia quiz questions about the hit TV show.


Blacklist TV series Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What is The Blacklist?
A: The Blacklist is an American crime drama TV series.

When did The Blacklist premier?
A: On September 23, 2013.

On what television network did the show premier?

Who plays the part of Reddington?
A: James Spader.

Who is Raymond "Red" Reddington?
A: He is a former government agent turned high-profile criminal.

Redding, who had eluded capture for decades, voluntarily surrenders to who?
A: The FBI, offering to cooperate on capturing a list of criminals who are virtually impossible to catch.

Reddington insists on working with Elizabeth Keen, a rookie what?
A: Profiler.


What actress plays the part of Elizabeth?
A: Megan Boone.

The show also feature what other stars?
A:  Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold and Harry Lennix.

Who wrote the pilot episode?
A: Jon Bokenkamp.

Who directed the pilot?
A: Joe Carnahan.

On what date did NBC renewed the show for a 22-episode second season?
A: On December 3.

Raymond "Red" Reddington, a former officer of the United States Navy, disappeared how long ago?
A: Twenty years.

Reddington became one of the FBI’s what?
A: Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.


Who does “Red” surrender himself to?
A:  Assistant Director Harold Cooper at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Reddington claims to share the FBI's interest in getting rid of criminals and terrorists that are so dangerous that Cooper is unaware even of their what?
A: Existence.

Red offers Cooper his knowledge and assistance on two conditions: immunity from prosecution, and working exclusively with whom?
A: Elizabeth Keen.

Diego Klattenhoff plays the part of whom?
A: Donald Ressler, an FBI special agent.

Harry Lennix has the role of whom?
A: Harold Cooper who is Director of the FBI Counterterrorism Division.

Ryan Eggold plays the part of Tom Keen who is Elizabeth's what?
A: Husband.

Amir Arison plays Aram Mojtabai, a what?
A: FBI computer specialist.


Deborah S. Craig plays the part of Luli Zheng, one of Reddington's what?
A: Bodyguards and his money manager.

Jane Alexander has the role of Diane Fowler, Head of what?
A:  Criminal Division of the Department of Justice.

Alan Alda plays the part of Alan Fitch who has what position?
A:  Assistant Director of National Intelligence.

The first season of The Blacklist received strong reviews from who?
A: Television critics.

The series has proven so successful that Netflix has bought timed exclusive rights for how much money per episode?
A:  $2 million per episode.

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