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Criminal Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Criminal trivia quiz questions with answers


Criminal Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

The second most common international crime is what?
A: Art theft

What is the maximum penalty for double parking in Minneapolis?
A:  The Chain Gang

What crime did Theresa Vaughn commit 62 times in 5 years?
A:  Bigamy - Tried in 1922

According to strain theory, crime is mainly committed by who?
A: The lower classes

What was illegal until 1965 for Connecticut married couples?
A:  Contraception

The crime with the second most number of arrests in the US is what??
A:  Drunk Driving

What fictional character was "The Napoleon of Crime"?
A:  Professor Moriaty


Who was the Wimbledon finalist that lost in  1879, and later murdered his wife?
A:  St Leger Gould

In London in 1985 a man was convicted of stealing two what?
A:  Crime Prevention Posters

Alfred Packer, in the US, was convicted of what strange crime?
A:  Cannibalism

The  police code 10-31 is the code for what?
A:  Crime in progress

In Alabama it's illegal to have more than 3 what in your house?
A:  Animals

 In Arkansas it is illegal to keep what kind of animal in your bathtub?
A: An alligator

 In the US it's a crime to give false what?
A:  Weather Reports


What is the only crime that the church would not grant sanctuary?
A:  Sacrilege

In New York, it's illegal to pawn what?
A:  American flag

What is it illegal to own in Beaconsfield Quebec ?
A:  A Log Cabin

In the story Dantes Inferno, what crime was it that was done by those in the lowest level?
A:  Betrayal

What books original title was "Murder in the Calais Coach"?
A:  Murder on the Orient Express

How were two thieves convicted 1984, executed in Sudan  on Aug 1990?
A: They were Crucified

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