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Everybody Loves Raymond Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Senior trivia quiz questions and asnwers about the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond.


Everybody Loves Raymond Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What is Everybody Loves Raymond?
A: An American television sitcom.

Who are the stars of the show?
A:  Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, Doris Roberts, Peter Boyle, and Brad Garrett.

The show originally ran on CBS from September 13, 1996 to when?
A:  May 16, 2005.

The main characters on the show are loosely based on whom?
 A: Romano's and Rosenthal's real-life family members.

The show is still broadcast regularly in what foreign country?
A: The UK.

From 2000 to 2007, who distributed the show for off-network syndication?
A: King World.

 Who handled international distribution?
A: Warner Bros. International Television.

In 2007, who took over King World's distribution?
A: Warner Bros. International Television.


The show revolves around the life of what character?
A: An Italian-American Raymond Barone.

What does Raymond Barone do for a living?
A: He is a sportswriter for Newsday.

Where does the Barone family live?
A:  In Lynbrook, New York.

Raymond doesn’t take much seriously, and makes jokes in nearly every what?
A: Situation, no matter how troubling or problematic.

He often avoids responsibilities around the house and with his “what” kids, leaving this to his wife Debra?
A: Warner Bros. International Television.

What children do Ray and Debra have?
A: A daughter, Ally, and twin sons Michael and Geoffrey.

The children are regular characters but not a major what?
A: Focus.


Who are Marie and Frank?
A: Raymond’s mother and father.

What is Raymond’s older brother’s name?
A:  Robert.

Where do Raymond’s parents live?
A: Across the street from Raymond.

Debra's frequent complaints about Raymond's family are a what?
A:  running joke.

Debra is particularly put off by which character?
A: Marie, Raymond’s mother.

 Marie is a controlling and manipulative, though loving, woman who constantly criticizes who?
A: Debra.

Marie clearly favors her son Ray over her son Robert, whose impending birth drove her into what?
A: Marriage.


Raymond will do just about anything to avoid bringing down his mother's what?
A: Wrath on him.

On the show, who is Ray’s biggest nemesis?
A: His brother Robert.

Robert is insecure and jealous of Raymond for being what?
A: The favorite son.

Robert and Raymond are frequently seen doing what?
A: Fighting like children and picking on each other.

Raymond and Robert's father Frank is what kind of person?
A: Crass and obnoxious.

Frank is constantly making insulting and sarcastic remarks to whom?
A: Everyone with whom he comes into contact.

Frank does not like to show his what?
A: Feelings.


Frank is the only character who has the nerve to criticize whom?
A:  Marie.

Raymond's prefers to watch sports television as opposed to talking with Debra about what?
A: Important matters.

Raymond has to be bullied into doing what around the house?
A: Helping with any work.

Who plays the part of Raymond Barone?
A: Ray Romano.

Who plays the part of Debra?
A: Patricia Heaton.

Who plays the part of Robert Barone?
A: Brad Garrett.