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Literature Trivia

For what reason did Handel compose "The Messiah"?
A:  For Cash

Who wrote the "Man in the Iron Mask"?
A:  Alexander Dumas

Who wrote the play " What the Butler saw "?
A:  Joe Orton

Zane Grey, the western writer, had what kind of job first?
A:  Dentist

JRR Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings. What does the JRR stand for?
A:  John Robert Reuel

Who was the author of Northanger ?
A: Abbey Jayne Austin


What is Aragog in the Harry Potter books?
A: Chief Spider

Which Robert Heinlein book won the 1960 Hugo award?
A:  Starship Troopers

Which author wrote Catch 22?
A: Joseph Heller

What author wrote about Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
A:  Roald Dahl

In Gone with the Wind,  what was the name of the plantation?
A: Tara

Where were Gene Roddenberry's ashes sent?
A: Into Space


Who was the first English Poet Laureate in 1616?
A:  Benjamin Jonson

Which author wrote Gulliver’s Travels?
A: Jonathon Swift

The Science Fiction novel "The Left Hand of Darkness" was written by who?
A:  Ursula LeGuin

What was Alistair Macleans first bestselling novel?
A:  "HMS Ulysses "

What author wrote Brave New World?
A:  Aldus Huxley

The Red House Mystery was  what authors only detective work?
A:  A Milne

What author wrote One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest?
A:  Ken Kesey

What author wrote the novel "The Money Changers"?
A:  Arthur Hailey

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