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Easy Kids Trivia Questions About Cookie Monster

Trivia quiz questions about the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street for kids


Easy Kids Trivia Questions About Cookie Monster

What does Cookie Monster always want?
A: Cookies!

What is Cookie Monster covered with?
A: Fur.

What color is Cookie Monster's fur?
A: Blue.

Besides cookies, what will he eat?
A: Anything.

When Cookie Monster eats something, he makes a what?
A: A loud munching "noise".

What kind of voice does Cookie Monster have?
A: A deep, growly voice.

What is Cookie Monster's theme song?
A:  "C is for Cookie".


In one episode, Cookie Monster revealed in song that before he started eating he was called what?
A: Sid.

Currently, Cookie Monster stars in a series of segments called what?
A: Cookie's Crumby Pictures.

In Cookie's Crumby Pictures, what does he do?
A: He spoofs movies.

Cookie also appears in The Furchester Hotel where he is the what?
A: Head waiter.

When is Cookie Monster's birthday?
A: Cookie Monster's birthday is November 2nd.

What kind of eyes does Cookie Monster have?
A: Googly eyes.


In the 1995 video Cookie Monster's Best Bites, it is revealed that the letter C is what?
A: "the favorite letter of all Cookie Monsters everywhere".

Unlike most other Muppets of Sesame Street, Cookie Monster has how many fingers?
A: Four fingers and a thumb.

In a season one sketch, in which Cookie Monster used Ernie's phone, Cookie Monster referred to himself by what name?
A:  "Tiny".

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