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Trump Trivia Questions With Answers

Free printable Trump trivia questions with answers


Where did Donald Trump marry his first wife, Czech model Ivana Zelníčková?
A: At the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan.

Who married Donald and Ivana?
A: The ceremony was performed by the Reverend Norman Vincent Peale.

How many children did Ivana and Donald have together?
A: Three.

What did Ivana and Donald name their three kids?
A: A son, Donald Jr. (born December 31, 1977),a daughter Ivanka (born October 30, 1981), and a son Eric (born January 6, 1984).

Ivana became a naturalized United States citizen in what year?
A: 1988.

What is Donald Trump’s nickname?
A: "The Donald"

What year did Ivana and Donald divorce?
A: In 1990.

What was the name of Donald Trump’s second wife?
A: Marla Maples.

How many children did Donald and Marla have?
A: One, a daughter named Tiffany.

When did Marla and Donald formally separate?
A: In May 1997.

In what year did Donald and Marla’s divorce become final?
A: 1999.

When was Tiffany, Donald’s daughter, born?
A: October 13, 1993.

Who raised Tiffany?
A: Her mother.

Where was Tiffany raised?
A: In Calabasas, California.

In 1998, Trump began a relationship with whom?
A: Melania Knauss.

When did Melania and Donald become engaged?
A: They were engaged in April 2004.

When did Melania and Donald get married?
A: On January 22, 2005.

Where did Donald and Melania get married?
A: At Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, on the island of Palm Beach, Florida.

Where was Donald and Melania’s wedding reception held?
A: At Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.

In what year did Melania become a naturalized United States citizen?
A: 2006.

When was Melania and Donald’s son born?
A: On March 20, 2006.

What is Donald and Melania’s son’s name?
A: Barron Trump.

What foreign language is Barron fluent in?
A: Barron is fluent in Slovene.

What is Donald Trump’s religion?
A: He is a Presbyterian.

As a child where did Donald attend church?
A: At the First Presbyterian Church in the Jamaica neighborhood in Queens.

Trump is also loosely affiliated with what church in West Palm Beach, Florida?
A: Lakeside Presbyterian Church.

Donald has said that he participates in Holy Communion, but he has not asked God for what?
A: Forgiveness for his sins.