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Trivia Questions and Answers About Famous Names

Free famous names trivia quiz questions with answers.


Trivia Questions and Answers About Famous Names

Who said," I became one of the stately homos of England?"
A: Quentin Crisp.

Who said "An alcoholic is someone you don't like who drinks as much as you do?"
A: Dylan Tomas.

Who created the Mars bar?
A: Forrest Mars.

What was Cher's birth name?
A: Cheryl Sarkisian.

Who twice lost presidential elections to Dwight Eisenhower in the 50s?
A: Adlai Stevenson.

What would Diane Keaton's last name have been if she had used her father's name instead of her mother's?
A: Hall

Who was flying the plane in which the first US airplane fatality occurred?
A: Orville Wright.


Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964?
A: Martin Luther King.

Who was dubbed the Brazilian Bombshell?
A: Carmin Miranda.

Who was the first Briton to win the US Open tennis title?
A: Fred Perry.

Who is the wife of Brian Blosil and mom of seven children?
A: Marie Osmond

What part of his body did Keith Richards insure of a million pounds?
A: Third finger, left hand.

In 1998 who did Vanity Fair describe as "simply the world's biggest heart throb?"
A: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Who first gave Buster Keaton the nickname Buster?
A: Houdini.


Arnold Bax said one should try everything once except incest and what?
A: Folk dancing.

What was Jean Harlow's first film?
A: Hell's Angels.

Where did  Bob Dylan first play in public?
A: Gaslight Cafe, Greenwich Village.

Who did Joe Louis beat when he first became world champion.
A: James J. Braddock.

How old was little Mo when she first won Wimbledon?
A: 17.

Which American said, "Boy George is all England needs; another Queen who can't dress?"
A: Joan Rivers.


How did poet and critic John Berryman meet his death?
A: Drowned himself.

Which singer wrote the novel Amy The Dancing Bear?
A: Carly Simon.

What do k.d. Lang's initials stand for?
A: Kathryn Dawn.

Which Soviet was swapped for Gary Powers who was shot down over the USSR?
A: Rudolph Abel.

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