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Leonardo DiCaprio Trivia Questions And Answers

Trivia about Leonardo DiCaprio with questions and answers.


Leonardo DiCaprio Trivia Questions And Answers

What is Leonardo DiCaprio’s birth name?
A: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio.

On what date was Leonardo DiCaprio born?
A: November 11, 1974.

Who was Leonardo’s mother?
A: Irmelin Indenbirken, a legal secretary.

Who was Leonardo’s father?
A:  George DiCaprio, an underground comics artist and producer and distributor of comic books.

DiCaprio's father is of half Italian and half what?
A: German.

Where did Leonardo DiCaprio's parents meet?
A: At college.

How did Leonardo get his name?
A: His pregnant mother was looking at a Leonardo da Vinci painting when he first kicked.


How old was Leo when his parents divorced?
A: He was one year old.

Who did he live mostly with?
A: His mother.

 What elementary school did Leonardo attend?
A:  He attended Seeds Elementary School.

What high school did DiCaprio attend?
A: John Marshall High School.

 Leonardo dropped out of high school following his third year, eventually earning his what?
A: General equivalency diploma (GED).

DiCaprio spent some of his childhood in Germany with whom?
A:  His maternal grandparents, Wilhelm and Helene.

What foreign language does Leonardo speak fluently?
A: German.


Di Caprio's career began with his appearance in several what?
A: Commercials and educational films.

Leonardo had to be removed from the set of what children's television series for being disruptive at the age of five?
A: Romper Room.

Leonardo landed an ad for Matchbox cars at what age?
A: 14.

In 1990, Leonardo got his break on television when he was cast in what short-lived series based on the movie Parenthood?
A:  After Parenthood.

DiCaprio had a brief stint on what soap opera?
A:  Santa Barbara, playing the young Mason Capwell.

His involvement in Parenthood earned him a nomination for what award?
A:  Young Artist Award.

Leonardo’s debut film role was in what comedic sci-fi horror film?
A:  Critters 3, in which he played the stepson of an evil landlord.


DiCaprio was a recurring cast member on what ABC sitcom?
A:  Growing Pains, playing Luke Brower, a homeless boy who is taken in by the Seaver family.

DiCaprio made his big screen breakthrough when he was handpicked by who to play the lead role in “This Boy's Life.”?
A: Robert De Niro.

Who paid DiCaprio's salary for the movie “The Quick and the Dead”?
A: Co-star Sharon Stone.

In 1996, DiCaprio appeared opposite Claire Danes in what film?
A:  Romeo + Juliet, an abridged modernization of William Shakespeare's romantic tragedy.

In 1997, DiCaprio starred in James Cameron's Titanic as whom?
A: Jack Dawson, a penniless Wisconsin man who wins two tickets for the third-class on the ill-fated RMS Titanic.

The film went on to gross how much money?
A: More than $1.843 billion in box-office receipts worldwide

The movie “Titanic” transformed DiCaprio into a commercial what?
A: Movie superstar.


Leonardo starred in the dual roles of the villainous King Louis XIV and his secret, sympathetic twin brother Philippe in what Randall Wallace film?
A:  The Man in the Iron Mask.

Leonardo DiCaprio's next movie project was what drama film?
A: The Beach (2000).

What was Leonardo's first film of 2002?
A: Catch Me If You Can.

Catch Me If You became Leonardo's highest-grossing film since what previous film with a total of US$351.1 million worldwide?
A: Titanic.

DiCaprio received his third Golden Globe nomination for his work on what film?
A: Catch Me If You Can.

DiCaprio received rave reviews for his performance in The Aviator and won a what?
A:  Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

In 2006, what two movies did Leonardo star in?
A: Blood Diamond and The Departed.

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