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American Horror Story TV Series Trivia Questions and Answers

American Horror Story trivia quiz questions with answers.


American Horror Story TV Series Trivia Questions and Answers

What is American Horror Story?
A: It's an American horror television series.

Who created and produced the show?
A: Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

The first season, subtitled Murder House, takes place where?
A: In Los Angeles, California during the year 2011.

It centers on a family that moves into a house haunted by whom?
A: Its deceased former occupants.

The second season, subtitled Asylum, takes place where?
A: In Massachusetts during the year 1964.

It follows the stories of the inhabitants of an institution for the what?
A: Criminally insane.

The third season, subtitled Coven, takes place where?
A: In New Orleans, Louisiana during the year 2013.


The fourth season, subtitled Freak Show, takes place where?
A: In Jupiter, Florida during the year 1952.

The series is broadcast on what cable television channel in the United States?
A: FX.

On what date did the first season premiere?
A: On October 5, 2011.

When did the first season conclude?
A: December 21, 2011.

The second season premiered on what date?
A:  October 17, 2012, and concluded on January 23, 2013.

The third season premiered on October 9, 2013, and concluded on what date?
A: January 29, 2014.

On November 6, 2013, what did FX do?
A: It renewed American Horror Story for a fourth season of 13 episodes.


On October 13, 2014, FX renewed American Horror Story for a what?
A: A 13-episode fifth season.

American Horror Story has been well received by whom?
A: Television critics.

What did Jessica Lange receive for her performance?
A: The Emmy Award, the Golden Globe Award, and the Screen Actors Guild Award.

The series draws consistently high ratings for the FX network, with its first season being the what?
A: The biggest new cable series of 2011.

American Horror Story: Murder House takes place in 2011 and follows what family?
A: The Harmon family.

The Harmons move into a restored mansion and soon encounter who?
A: The home's former residents, the Langdons.

American Horror Story: Asylum takes place in 1964 and follows the patients, doctors and nuns who occupy what?
 A: The Briarcliff Mental Institution, founded to treat and house the criminally insane.

The wardens who run the institution include who?
A: The stern Sister Jude, Sister Mary Eunice, Monsignor Timothy Howard.


Briarcliff's inhabitants are routinely subject to supernatural and scientific influences, including what?
A: Demonic possession and extraterrestrial abduction.

American Horror Story: Coven, is about the oppression of marginalized groups and what?
A: Female empowerment.

After the Salem witch trials, descendants of the witches who survived are in what?
A: Danger once again.

Those who share this genetic affliction are being subjected to what?
A: Strange and violent attacks.

A mysterious all-girls boarding school has opened in New Orleans to do what?
A: To protect and house young women who carry this unique bloodline.

American Horror Story: Freak Show, is about people who are classified as what?
A: "freaks" by the public.

The story follows a struggling freak show led by whom?
A: Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange).

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