Criminal Trivia Questions and Answers

Criminal Trivia questions about crime and criminals with answers


Criminal Trivia Questions and Answers

In "The Italian Job",  Noel Coward played what character in prison?
A:  Mr. Bridger

In the book and the movie," The Prisoner of Zenda", who is the hero?
A: Rudolf Rasendil

What explorer wrote the history of the world in prison in 1600s?
A:  Sir Walter Raleigh

What does it mean if a Turkish judge breaks a pencil?
A:  Death sentence

E J Allen led a spy team to the South in the Civil war.  What name was he better known as?
A:  Alan Pinkerton

For what reason did Texas prisons ban the last cigarette for death row?
A: It's bad for their health


What common legal item literally means "under penalty"?
A:  Subpoena

What is the punishment in Yuma Arizona  for citrus fruit thieves?
A:  Lots of Castor Oil

In what large city is it illegal to eat in a restaurant that is on fire?
A: In Chicago

In the UK, whose private house has its own court and 11 prison cells?
A:  Lord Mayor London Mansion House

In Britain, in 1746, what type of clothing was made illegal?
A: Highland Dress – kilt plaid etc

Who was murdered in Bohemia in 929?
A:  Good King Wenceslas

What TV show was set in "Wentworth Detention Centre"?
A:  Prisoner Cell Block H


Dartmoor prison is owned by whom?
A:  Prince Charles

The United States supreme court, in 1962, said what group can't be imprisoned ?
A:  Illegal Drug Addicts

Who was the last person to be imprisoned in the Tower of London?
A: Rudolf Hess

What bit of Walter Raleigh did his wife carry around after his death?
A: His Head

Who was the superspy man from Z.O.W.I.E. played by James Coburn
A:  Our Man Flint