International Trivia Quiz

International trivia quiz with answers.


International Trivia Quiz

What is the capitol of Fiji?
A: Suva

In what country did doughnuts originate?
A:  Holland.

Bahina de los Cochinos is better known as what?
A:  Bay of Pigs.

Which European country consumes the most coffee per capita?
A: Finland.

The Japanese dish that is made with Tofu Beef and vegetables is called what?
A: Sukiyaki.

Santiago is the capitol of Chile. What does it mean?
A:  Saint James.

In China what color does the bride traditionally wear?
A:  Red.


Where are the Canary Islands situated?
A: In the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1741 Robert Keeler was the first to commercially manufacture what food product?
A: Marmalade.

The city of Adelaide, Australia stands on what river ?
A: Torens.

In 1605, what did the Japanese Emperor make mandatory in schools?
A:  Learning swimming.

In Ireland what is a Gombeen Man?
A: A moneylender.

India has the largest Hindu population.  What country has second largest Hindu population?
A: Nepal.

Japanese porcelain is called what?
A: Kakiemon.


What is Irelands oldest licensed whiskey distillery?
A:  Bushmills.

The tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts began in what country?
A:  Italy.

The international car registration letters for what country are RA?
A:  Argentina.

What is the name of the river that flows through Baghdad?
A:  Tigris

What sea is directly north of Poland?
A:  Baltic sea.


Antanananarivo is the capitol of what country?
A:  Madagascar.

What is the fastest growing religion in Ireland?
A:  Buddhism.

The glasshouse mountains are located where?
A: Queensland Australia.

Crossair originated in what European country?
A:  Switzerland.

In what city would you find Giacomo Marconi airport?
A:  Bologna.