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Literary Trivia

Literary Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers.


Literary Trivia

What was Ali Babas job in" The Arabian Nights"?
A:  Woodcutter.

Which sense did Milton lose?
A:  Sight.

Who wrote "Little Men"?
A:  Louisa May Alcott.

Which classic novel had the original title " All's Well That Ends Well"?
A:  War and Peace.

Which children's character did Michael Bond create?
A:  Paddington Bear.

What language has the largest number of words?
A:  English.


Which heroine comes from Amphipolis?
A:  Xena the warrior princess.

What author wrote "A Town Like Alice"?
A:  Nevil Shute.

"East is East and West is West" came from what famous poet?
A:  Rudyard Kipling.

The Prince was written by which 16th century Italian?
A:  Machiavelli.

In which Bond book did James first want Martinis shaken, not stirred?
 A: Diamonds are Forever.

In The Arabian Nights, who is it that tells the story?
A:  Scheherazade.

What's the "man of La Mancha"  in English?
A:  The Stain.


Rodin's" The Thinker" is really a portrait of what Italian poet?
A:  Dante.

Whose autobiography was titled "The Sport of Queens"?
A:  Dick Francis.

What is the name of Aladdin's father?
A:  Mustapha the tailor.

In Strongsville Ohio what book is banned by law?
A:  Catch 22.

What famous authors first book was Pebble in the Sky?
A:  Isaac Asimov.

Which famous character did Hugh Lofting create?
A:  Doctor Dolittle.

What author came up with the word "drab"?
A:  C S Lewis.

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