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Fun Words Trivia

Fun word trivia quiz questions with answers.


Fun Words Trivia

Forswanked means what?
A: Very tired.

The word Angel derives from the Greek, meaning what ?
A: Messenger.

What city in the USA means First People in Indian?
A: Biloxi.

The literal meaning of Graffiti is what?
A: Scratched Drawings

What is a moab?
A: A type of hat.

What is Steganography? ?
A: Invisible ink writing.


What flowering plant gets its name from the Persian word for turban?
A: Tulip.

An interferometer is used to measure what?
A: The wavelength of light

What is the Sanskrit word that means " desire for more cows"?
A: War.

From which language was the word mattress taken from?
A: Arabic.

What does Trivia literally mean?
A: Three Roads.

What type of items does a fell monger deal in?
A: Animal skins.


What is Chirospasm?
A: Writer's Cramp.

Viticulture is the growing of what?
A: Vines.

What is Carambola?
A: Starfruit.

The word Sofa is derived from the Arabic word meaning what?
A: Bench.

Thalassophobia is a fear of what?
A: The Sea.

A hygrometer is used to measure what?
A: Humidity.

What is a roker?
A: A foot long ruler.

Scotophobia is the fear of what?
A: Being seen by others.

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