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The Good Wife Trivia Quiz With Questions and Answers

Trivia quiz about The Good Wife with questions and answers.


The Good Wife Trivia Quiz With Questions and Answers

What is "The Good Wife?
A: The Good Wife is an American television legal and political drama.

When did the show premier?
A:  September 22, 2009.

On what network did the show premier?
A: On CBS.

Who created the series?
A: Robert King and Michelle King.

Who stars in The Good Wife?
A: Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Archie Panjabi, Matt Czuchry and Alan C.

Who are the current executive producers?
A: Ridley Scott, Charles McDougall, and David W. Zucker.

The show has received widespread critical acclaim and won numerous awards, including how many Emmys?
A: Five.


The show also won the 2014 Television Critics Association award for what?
A: Outstanding Achievement in Drama.

On what date did CBS renew the show for a sixth season?
A: On March 13, 2014.

The series focuses on what character?
A: Alicia Florrick.

What actress has the role of Alicia?
A: Julianna Margulies.

The series was partly inspired by what real life scandal?
A: The Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal.

Alicia returns to work as a junior litigator at what law firm?
A:  Stern, Lockhart & Gardner.

Alicia is smart, independent, and fiercely protective of her what?
A: Children.


Alicia graduated top of her class from what law school?
A: Georgetown University Law Center in the mid-1990s.

Alicia's maiden name is what?
A: Cavanaugh.

What is the name of her younger brother?
A: Owen.

In Season 3, Alicia is a third-year associate at the firm, she and Peter are separated, and she has a what with Will?
A: Sexual affair.

In Season 3, Peter announces his candidacy for what?
A: Governor of Illinois.

In Season 4, Alicia gets and takes a promotion as an equity partner of the firm and begins planning to do what with Cary?
A: Start a new firm.

What main character dies in season 5?
A: Will.


After Will dies, Alicia goes into a period of mourning, and does what?
A: Separates from Peter.

In Season 6, Alicia runs for what office?
A: State's Attorney.

Who is Kalinda Sharma?
A:  The firm's in-house private investigator.

Kalinda previously worked for who for three years?
A: Peter.

She is exceptionally good at her job, although her tactics are not always strictly what?
A: legal.

Kalinda is often the key to the firm's winning a case, usually at the what?
A: 11th hour.

Although Kalinda becomes good friends with Alicia, with the aid of what?
A: Tequila shots; and she feels protective of Alicia.


Who is  Will Gardner?
A: A named senior partner at Stern, Lockhart & Gardner and an old friend of Alicia Florrick.

Will is seen as very much of a ladies' man throughout the series and had various what?
A: Love affairs and girlfriends.

In episode 15 of the fifth season, Will is what?
A: Shot and killed in the courtroom.

Who is Diane Lockhart?
A: A named senior partner at the firm.

Diane is initially skeptical of Alicia Florrick's abilities as a what?
A: Lawyer.

Diane is often torn between supporting Alicia and whom, when the two are in competition?
A: Cary Agos.

Who is Cary Agos?
A: A young Harvard-educated lawyer who, in the first season, begins as a first year associate at Lockhart Gardner with Alicia Florrick.

Cary is often placed in rivalry with Alicia and sometimes resents her for her what?
A: Political connections thanks to her husband, Peter Florrick.

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