Free Funny Trivia Quiz Questions


In Silverwood Michigan it's illegal to kill what using your hands?
A:  A Bear to impress a girl

In Alaska it's legal to shoot bears but illegal to do what?
A:  Wake one up for a photo

In Ashville North Carolina it's illegal to Sneeze where?
A: On the street

In Arizona you must register with state before becoming what?
A:  Illegal Drug Dealer

In Montana it's illegal to have what in your taxi cab without a chaperone?
A:  A Sheep

In Cheyenne Wyoming what is illegal on Wednesday?
A:  Taking a Shower

A healthy person does what about 16 times a day ?
A: Farts.

In 1992, 2,421 US people were injured at home by their what?
A: Houseplants

It is illegal to do what under water in Vermont?
A:  Whistle

In some areas of Paris what is provided for dogs?
A:  Private flush toilets

In Singapore you can be publicly caned for failing to do what?
A:  Flush Toilet after use

In Denmark what is a Svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel?
A:  A Condom

Who was it that said "The internet is a good way to get on the net"?
A:  Bob Dole

On Sunday in Missouri it's illegal for anyone to do what?
A:  Play Hopscotch

Einstein called what "the most difficult thing to understand"?
A:  Income Taxes

In Boston, by law, what is banned from the back seat of cars?
A:  Gorillas

Where is it illegal to ride your bike in Baldwin Park California?
A:  Swimming Pool

In 1971 French riot police were ordered to the Riviera to deal with what?
A: Hundreds topless women 

Psychologists say that men who do what during sex are insecure?
A:  Keep their socks on

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