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Vermont Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Vermont trivia quiz with questions about the US state of Vermont.


Vermont Trivia Quiz With Answers

Where does the state of Vermont rank in so far as size in area with the rest of the states?
A: It is the 6th smallest.

What is the Vermont State warm water fish?
A:  Walleye Pike.

 Of the 50 United States, where does Vermont rank for population?
A:  It's the 2nd least populous state.

Vermont is the only New England state that does not border what?
A: The Atlantic Ocean.

What is the Vermont State butterfly?
A: Monarch Butterfly.

How much of Vermont's western border is formed by Lake Champlain?
A: 50%.

Vermont is bordered by what State to the south?
A: Massachusetts.


What U.S. State borders Vermont to the east across the Connecticut River?
A: New Hampshire.

Vermont borders what state to the west?
A: New York.

What is the Vermont State Tree?
A: Sugar maple.

Which Canadian province borders  Vermont to the north?
A: The Canadian province of Quebec.

Vermont was originally inhabited by what two major Native American Indian tribes?
A: The Abenaki and the Iroquois.

The Vermont Republic was founded in 1777 during the Revolutionary War, and lasted for how long?
A: Fourteen years.

The state of Vermont is one of four states to have been a what in its past?
A:  Sovereign state.


 In 1791, Vermont became the 14th state to join the Union, and the first after the original what?
A: 13 Colonies.

Vermont was the first independent state to do what in regards to slavery?
A: Partially abolish slavery.

What is the Vermont State cold water fish?
A:  Brook Trout.

Vermont is the leading producer of what kind of sweet natural product in the United States?
A:  Maple syrup.

What is the state capital of Vermont?
A: Montpelier.

 With a population of 7,855, Montpelier has the smallest population of any what in the nation?
A: State capital.

What city in Vermont has the largest population?
A:  Burlington.


What is the Vermont State Pie?
A:  Apple pie.

How big is the state of Vermont in square miles?
A:  9,614.

Where does Vermont rank with the other states in size?
A: It's the 45th-largest state.

What is the Vermont State rock?
A: Granite, marble, and slate.

Vermont is the only state in the Union that does not have any buildings taller than what?
A:  124 feet.

What lake is the sixth-largest body of fresh water in the United States and separates Vermont from New York?
A: Lake Champlain.

How long is Vermont from North to South?
A: 159 miles.


How wide is Vermont from east to west at its widest?
A: 89 miles.

What is the Vermont State Mammal?
A:  Morgan horse.

How many US federal border crossings are there between Canada and Vermont?/
A: Fifteen.

Where does Vermont rank as far as cold temperatures compared to the other states?
A: It is the seventh coldest state.

What is the highest recorded temperature in the state of Vermont?
A:  105 °F at Vernon, on July 4, 1911.

What is the Vermont State Beverage?
A: Milk.

What is the lowest recorded temperature ever for Vermont?
A:  −50 °F at Bloomfield, on December 30, 1933.


How much sunshine does Vermont get per year?
A:  Between 2,000 and 2,400 hours.

Vermont is home to only one species of venomous snake. What kind of snake is it?
A: The Eastern timber rattlesnake.

What disease killed an estimated two-thirds of all cave-wintering bats in Vermont from 2008 to 2010?
A: White-nose syndrome.

What is the Vermont State Flower?
A: Red clover.

Who was the first European to see Vermont?
A:  Jacques Cartier in 1535.

 On July 30, 1609, The French explorer, Samuel de Champlain, claimed Vermont as part of what?
A: New France.

 In 1666, French settlers  established Fort Lamotte  which became the first "what"  in Vermont?
A: European settlement.


In Vermont, slavery was fully banned by state law on November 25, 1858, less than three years before the what?
A:  American Civil War.

What is the Vermont State Fossil?
A:  White Whale (Beluga Whale).

On July 7, 1777, the Battle of Hubbardton was the only "what" that took place in present day Vermont?
A: Revolutionary battle .

For how many years did Vermont govern itself as a sovereign entity based in the eastern town of Windsor?
A:  For 14 years.

In the 1860 elections, Vermont  voted for who for US President and providing him the biggest margin of victory of any state?
A: Abraham Lincoln.

During the Civil War, how many troops did Vermont provide for the war effort?
A:  34,000.

Of the 34,000 men that Vermont provided the military during the Civil War, how many were killed or mortally wounded in action or died of disease?
A: 5,200.


In Vermont, women were first permitted to vote in what elections?
A: The elections of December 18, 1880.

In July 2000 what was the state of Vermont the first state to introduce?
A:  Civil unions.

Vermont became the first state to legislate same-sex marriage, unforced by court challenge or ruling in what year?
A: In 2009.

What is the Vermont State Fruit?
A: Apple.

As of 2012, Vermont is the least religious state in the Union with only what percentage of the people considering themselves "very religious"?
A:  23%.

The first two leaders of the Mormon church were both born in Vermont. What are their names?
A: Joseph Smith, Jr. and Brigham Young.

What is the Vermont State song?
A:  These Green Mountains.


What type of farming is the primary source of agricultural income in the state of Vermont?
A: Dairy farming.

 In 2001 Vermont produced 275,000 gallons of maple syrup, and by 2009 the production was how much?
A:  920,000 gallons.

As of the year 2007, how many wineries were there in Vermont?
A: There were 14 wineries.

In 2011, how much money did the state of Vermont earned in taxes and fees from tourism?
A: $274 million.

How many visits were there to Vermont by skiers and snowboarders in the period of  2009–2010?
A: There were 4,125,082 visits.

Where was the first marble quarry in America located?
A: On Mount Aeolus overlooking East Dorset.

From what three countries did the granite industry attract skilled stonecutters in the late 19th century?
A: Italy, Scotland, and Ireland.

What is the largest airport in the state of Vermont?
A: Burlington International Airport.

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