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Trivia Quiz About Animals

Animal trivia quiz about animals, insects, mammals, birds and more.


Trivia Quiz About Animals

Amazon river dolphins are what color?
A: Pink

What is a group of gulls called?
A:  Colony

 What is the translation of the Greek name Vanessa?
A:  Butterfly

What is a group of turtles  called?
A: A bale.

What organ dos a man have two of, but a snake only has one of?
A: Lung.

Ninety percent of all living thoroughbreds are descended from what one horse.?
A:  Eclipse.

What is the only insect that can turn its head?
A:  The praying mantis.


Astrakhan comes from which animal?
A: New born lambs.

 What type of mammal lays eggs?
A:  Duck billed platypus.

On the TV show,  what type of animal was Flipper?
A:  Dolphin.

What was the name of the most successful Grand National horse?
A:  Red Rum.

In the song, " Waltzing Matilda",  what is a Jumbuck?
A:  Sheep.

In the film Bambi, what was the name of the skunk?
A:  Flower.

What are Berner, Florin, and Parisian frill, types of?
A: Canaries

What type of creature is a Roastchaffer?
A:  A Beetle.

According to the cowboy encyclopedia, what is an orejano?
A: An unbranded calf.

What species of animal makes up ten percent by wieght  of the worlds land animals?
A: Ants.

In California, what is the minimum legal length of saleable halibut?
A:  Twenty two inches

What is unusual about ratite birds?
A: They do not fly.

What is the most varied species on the planet?
A: The domesticated dog.