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Star Trek Trivia Quiz Questions with the Answers

Star Trek trivia quiz questions and answers.


Star Trek Trivia Quiz Questions with the Answers

In Star Trek what is Chekov's first name
A:  Pavel

Who has unrequited love for Mr. Spock in the original Star Trek?
A:  Nurse Chapel

In the original Star Trek series name what was Mr. Spock's mother's name?
A: Amanda

In the Star Trek series, John de Lancie played which character?
A:  Q

Who first appeared in the Star Trek episode "Space Seed"?
A:  Khan

In Star Trek who rules the Ferengi ?
A: Grand Nagus

In Star Trek Voyager, what is the shuttlecrafts name?
A:  The Delta Flyer


In the Star Trek series, the Ferengi s 10th rule of Acquisition is what?
A: Eternal Greed

In the Star Trek, Next Generation series, what does Captain Picard like to drink?
A: Earl Grey

Annika Hansen is which characters name in Star Trek Voyager?
A:  Seven of Nine

In the original Star Trek, the Horta was a life form based on what?
A:  Silicon

In Star Trek Deep Space Nine which character had a simbiant?
A:  Jadzea Dax

Which famous ship had a total crew numbering 430?
A:  Star ship Enterprise


What  were the final words of the famous TV character James Tiberius Kirk?
A:  "My Word"

What did Apollo, Ghengis Khan, and Abraham Lincoln all have in common on TV?
A: They all met James T Kirk

James Tiberius Kirk was born where?
A:  Riverside Iowa

What color is Mr. Spock's blood?
A:  Green

Mr. Spocks blood was green, but what blood group was it?
A:  T - Negative

What was the title of  Leonard Nimoy's autobiography?
A:  I am not Spock