Trivia Questions for Seniors About Old Movies

Seniors trivia quiz questions with answers about old movies.


Old Movie Trivia Questions for Seniors

What 1936 film started with world war and ended with space flight?
A: Things to Come - HG Wells.

Michael Caine played the part of who in the Ipcress File?
A: Harry Palmer.

Who won Oscars for Jaws, ET, Star Wars, and Schindlers List?
A: John Williams (music)

Senior citizen is a common euphemism for what?
A: An old person used in American English, and sometimes in British English.

Maureen O' Hara was nicknamed what?
A: Queen of the Swashbucklers.


Who in books and movies was the "man of bronze"?
A: Doc Savage.

Stan Laurels partner was who?
A: Oliver Hardy.

What series was voted the best fiction of the 20th century?
A: Lord of the Rings.

In 7 Bond movies, what did Roger Moore not do?
A: Drink Martinis or and smoke.

Elizabeth Taylor has made the cover of what magazine the most times?
A: Life Magazine (11 times).


In 1984 what movie won the best visual effects Oscar?
A: Indiana Jones Temple of Doom.

In The Wizard of Oz, Ray Bolger played who?
A: Scarecrow.

What was the name of the Bad guy in the spaghetti westerns?
A: Lee van Cleef.

In 1954 film The Glen Miller Story who played Louis Armstrong?
A: He played himself.

Frederick Austerlitz was better known as who?
A: Fred Astaire.


In film, who is the alter ego of Daniel Hillard?
A: Mrs. Doubtfire.

Which actor was, among other occupations, a bridge painter?
A: Paul Hogan.

What was the name of the first doctor movie made in 1954?
A: Doctor in the House

The actress Lucy Johnson was better known as who?
A: Ava Gardner.

What aria from Madam Butterfly is a Michelle Pfeiffer 1996 film?
A: One fine Day

The part of Rocky Balboa was played by what actor?
A: Sylvester Stallone.