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Literary Trivia Questions And Answers

Free literary trivia quiz questions and answers


Literary Trivia Questions And Answers

Smike, the half wit, appears in which Dickens novel ?
A: Nicholas Nickleby

Who was the author of Goodbye Mr. Chips?
A: James Hilton

Who was the author of the book The Amazing Mr. Ripley?
A: Patricia Highsmith

Which classic novel sold only fifty copies during the authors lifetime?
A: Moby Dick

Who was the author of Good as Gold and Closing Time but famous for Catch 22?
A: Joseph Heller

In literature where did  Miss Jean Brodie teach?
A: At the Marcia Blain school for girls

What was the first James Bond book?
A: Casino Royal


What other name is Mellor’s famously known by?
A: Lady Chatterley's Lover

John Benyon Harris achieved success as what science fiction writer?
A: John Wyndham

In which Dickens novel does the character Alfred Jingle appear?
A: The Pickwick Papers

What did Jack Horner pull from his pie?
A: A plum

In the Dr. Dolittle stories, what kind of animal was Gub-Gub?
A: A pig


In Winnie the Pooh, what's the name over the door of Pooh's house?
A:  Mr. Sanders

Agatha Christies "Miss Marple" has what first name?
A: Jane

The inn in Treasure Island had what name?
A: Admiral Benbow

What author penned "Gone with the Wind"?
A: Margaret Mitchell

Which author wrote " Whip Hand Proof and Flying Finish"?
A: Dick Francis

When he told a lie, whose nose grew?
A: Pinocchio

What was author George Orwell's real name?
A: Eric Arthur Blaire

In what novel would you find reference to "The Cracks of Doom"?
A:  Lord of the Rings

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