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President Franklin Pierce Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Free trivia quiz questions about Franklin Pierce, President of the U.S.


Franklin Pierce Trivia Questions

Who was the 14th President of the United States?
A: Franklin Pierce.

The Franklin Pierce Homestead in Hillsborough, where Pierce grew up, is now a what?
A: National Historic Landmark.

Where was Franklin Pierce born?
A: In a log cabin in Hillsborough, in the northeastern state of New Hampshire.

On what date was Franklin Pierce born?
A: On November 23, 1804.

Franklin Pierce was a sixth-generation descendant of whom?
A: Thomas Pierce.

Pierce was the fifth of how many children born to Benjamin and his second wife, Anna Kendrick?
A: Eight.

During Pierce's childhood his father was deeply involved in what?
A: State politics.


What war did two of his older brothers fight in?
A: The War of 1812.

Pierce's father, wanted his sons to be well educated, and sent Franklin to what school?
A: The town school at Hancock at the age of 12.

Franklin was not fond of school, and after growing homesick at Hancock, he walked how far back to his home one Sunday?
A: 12 miles.

Franklins father gave him dinner and drove him part of the distance back to school then did what?
A: Kicked him out of the carriage and ordered him to walk the rest of the way in a thunderstorm.

Franklin later cited this moment as what?
A:  "the turning-point in my life".

Franklin transferred to what school to prepare for college?
A: Phillips Exeter Academy.

Millard built a reputation as a charming student, sometimes prone to what?
A: Misbehavior.


Novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote a glowing biography, The Life of Franklin Pierce, in support of what?
A: Pierce's 1852 presidential campaign.

In the fall 1820, Franklin entered Bowdoin College as one of how many freshmen?
A: Nineteen.

Franklin was last in his class after two years, but he worked hard to improve and in 1824 he graduated in what place?
A: Fifth place in a graduating class of fourteen.

Franklin spent a semester at what law school in Northampton, Massachusetts?
A: Northampton Law School.

Pierce was admitted to the bar in what year?
A: 1827.

After being admitted to the bar, where did he begin to practice?
A: In Hillsborough.

Pierce won his first legislative seat in what yea, representing Hillsborough in the New Hampshire House of Representatives?
A: 1829.


What rank did Franklin become in the Army during the Mexican–American War?
A: A brigadier general.

In late 1832, the Democratic Party convention nominated Pierce for one of New Hampshire's what?
A: Five seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Jane Pierce was Pious and reserved, and her husband's " what" in many ways?
A: Opposite.

On November 19, 1834, Pierce married whom?
A:  Jane Means Appleton.

Franklin and Jane had how many sons that all died in childhood?
A: Three.

In December 1836, Pierce was elected to senate, becoming at the age 32 ,the what?
A: Youngest member in Senate history.

Active military service was a "what" for Pierce, who had admired his father's and brothers' service?
A: Long-held dream.


Pierce began his presidency in mourning for his only remaining son, 11-year-old Benjamin, who died in a what?
A: Train accident.

Franklin Pierce was the first president to ever give his inaugural address from what?
A: Memory.

Pierce chose to affirm his oath of office on a what?
A: Law book rather than swear it on a Bible, as all his predecessors except John Quincy Adams had done.