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Daniel Boone Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Daniel Boone trivia quiz questions with answers.


Daniel Boone Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Who was Daniel Boone?
A: Daniel Boone was an American pioneer, explorer, and frontiersman.

His frontier exploits made him one of the first what?
A: Folk heroes of the United States.

What is Daniel Boone the most famous for?
A: His exploration and settlement of what is now Kentucky.

As a young adult Boone supplemented his farm income by doing what?
A: Hunting and trapping game, and selling their pelts in the fur market.

What was Boone during the Revolutionary War?
A: A militia officer.

Boone was captured by who in 1778?
A: Shawnee warriors.

The Shawnee eventually adopted him into their what?
A: Tribe.


When was Boone elected to the first of his three terms in the Virginia General Assembly?
A: During the Revolutionary War.

What battle did Boone fight in?
A: The Battle of Blue Licks in 1782.

Of what ancestry was Daniel Boone?
A: He was of English and Welsh ancestry.

In 1720, who did Daniel Boone's father, Squire Boone, who worked primarily as a weaver and a blacksmith, marry?
A:  Sarah Morgan.

Sarah's family were what?
A: Quakers from Wales, and had settled in Towamencin Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in 1708.

Daniel was the sixth of how many children?
A: Eleven.

Where did Daniel Boone spent his early years?
A: On what was then the edge of the Pennsylvania frontier.


Nearby there were several what?
A: Lenape Indian villages.

The Quakers had good relations with the Indians, but the ballooning  of the white population caused many Indians to do what?
A: Move further west.

At what age was Daniel Boone given his first rifle?
A: At the age of 12.

Families depended on what for much of their food?
A: Hunting.

Boone learned to hunt from both the local settlers and who?
A: The Lenape.

Folk tales have often emphasized Boone's skills as a what?
A: Hunter.

In Boone's youth, his family became a source of controversy in the local Quaker community when two of the oldest children did what?
A: Married outside the endogamous community.


In 1750, what did Squire Boone do?
A: He sold his land and moved the family to North Carolina.

Boone grew up on the frontier, and he had little formal education but deep knowledge of what?
A: The woods.

What reading materials did Boone regularly take with him on his hunting expeditions?
A: The Bible and Gulliver's Travels.

In groups of frontiersmen, Boone was often the only what?
A: Literate person in the group.

Boone would sometimes entertain his hunting companions by doing what around the evening campfire?
A: Reading to them.

While on the campaign, who did Boone meet?
A: John Findley, a packer who first interested Boone in the abundance of game and other natural wonders of the Ohio Valley.

It was Findley who took Boone on his first fateful hunting trip to where twelve years later?
A: Kentucky.


What did Boone do on August 14, 1756?
A: He married Rebecca Bryan, a neighbor in the Yadkin Valley.

Her brother married who?
A: One of Boone's sisters.

Where did they first live?
A: In a cabin on his father's farm.

They eventually had how many children?
A: Ten.

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