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Howdy Doody Show Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about the Howdy Doody TV show.


Howdy Doody Show Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What was the Howdy Doody Show?
A: Howdy Doody was an American children's television program.

The Howdy Doody show had what kind of themes?
A: Circus and Western frontier themes.

Who created and produced the show?
A: E. Roger Muir.

The show was broadcast on what TV network?
A: The NBC network in the United States.

When did the show air?
A: From December 27, 1947 until September 24, 1960.

It was a pioneer in what?
A: Children's television programming.

It was one of the first television series produced where?
A: At NBC in Rockefeller Center, in Studio 3A.


The show was also a pioneer in early what?
A: Color production as NBC  used the show in part to sell color television sets in the 1950s.

Howdy Doody was created by Bob Smith, who created him during his days as a what?
A: A radio announcer on WNBC (AM).

At that time, Howdy Doody was only a what?
A: A voice Smith performed on the radio.

When Smith made an appearance on NBC's television program Puppet Playhouse on December 27, 1947, the reception for the character was what?
A: Great enough to begin a demand for a visual character for television.

Frank Paris, a puppeteer whose puppets appeared on the program, was asked to create a what?
A:  A Howdy Doody puppet.

Bob Smith, the show's host, was dubbed what?
A: "Buffalo Bob" early in the show's.

What did Smith wear on the program?
A: He wore a cowboy outfit.


Smith had gotten his start as a what?
A: Singing radio personality.

Smith used what frequently in the program?
A: Music.

Cast members Lew Anderson and Robert "Nick" Nicholson were both what?
A: Experienced jazz musicians.

By 1948, toymakers and department stores had been approached with requests for what?
A: Howdy Doody dolls and similar items.

Macy's department store contacted Frank Paris, the creator of the puppet, to ask about what?
A: Rights for a Howdy Doody doll.

While Paris had created the puppet, it was Bob Smith who what?
A: Owned the rights to the Howdy Doody character.

Howdy Doody is a freckle-faced boy marionette with how many freckles?
A: 48.


One freckle for each what?
A: State in the union, at the time.

The Howdy Doody show's various marionettes were created and built by what puppeteers?
A: Velma Wayne Dawson, Scott Brinker (the show's prop man) and Rufus Rose throughout the show's run.

The redheaded Howdy marionette on the original show was operated with how many strings?
A: 11, two heads, one mouth, one eye, two shoulders, one back, two hands and two knees.

How many strings were added when the show returned?
A: Three.

Where does the original Howdy Doody marionette now reside?
A: At the Detroit Institute of Arts.

There also were several human characters, most notably who?
A: The mute Clarabell the Clown.

The characters inhabited the fictional town of what?
A: Doodyville.

Clarabell was first played by whom?
A: Bob Keeshan.

Keeshan later became who at CBS?
A: Captain Kangaroo.

At the end of the final episode, telecast on September 24, 1960, Clarabell (then played by jazz musician Lew Anderson) broke his series-long silence to say what final words of the final broadcast?
A: "Goodbye, kids."

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