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Famous Places Trivia Quiz Questions

Free famous world places trivia quiz questions and answers


Famous Places Trivia Quiz Questions

What two cities are connected by the busiest international airline route?
A: London and Paris.

What Spanish port city was founded by Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca?
A: Barcelona.

What Bengal nation lost 300,000 people to a cyclone and a tidal wave in 1970?
A: Bangladesh.

What desert has an area larger than the continental U.S.?
A: The Sahara.

What river was designated the U.S.-Mexican border in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
A: The Rio Grande.

What city's garbage collectors are honored by a street called Avenue of the Strongest?
A: New York City's.


What wonder of the ancient world did Babylonians refer to as the "House of the Foundations of Heaven and Earth"?
A: The Tower of Babel.

What country was Berlin part of when it passed one million in population?
A: Prussia.

What's Rome's Piazza San Pietro known as in English?
A: St. Peter's Square.

What West African nation's name means "lion mountain"?
A: Sierra Leone's.

What U.S. state would you be in if you made the short trip from Citronelle to Tangerine?
A: Florida.

What state is home to a huge hunk of granite called The Dan Blocker Memorial Head?
A: Texas.


What's the world's second largest archipelago, after Indonesia?
A: The Philippines.

What's Canada's largest inland sea?
A: Hudson Bay.

What nation has had a monarchy the longest?
A: Japan.

What Great Lake state are you stuck in if your car has broken down in Hell?
A: Michigan.

What Italian city is considered "the fashion capital of the world"?
A: Milan.

What British town got its name from its proximity to the Cam River?
A: Cambridge.


What western state answers Pamplona's Running of the Bulls with its own annual Running of the Sheep?
A: Montana.

What's the southernmost country in Central America?
A: Panama.

What ocean are the Maldives in?
A: The Indian Ocean.

What two countries lay claim to the name Maclean?
A: Scotland and Ireland.

What body of water is approximately nine times saltier than ocean water?
A: The Dead Sea.

What U.S. state's official fish is the humuhumunukunukuapuaa?
A: Hawaii's


What island country is visited by the most cruise ships?
A: The Bahamas.

What capital has a name meaning "city of Islam"?
A: Islamabad.

What two U.S. states are readily accessible from a border town called Moark?
A: Missouri and Arkansas.

What did Puritans dub "Rogues Island"?
A: Rhode Island.

What Alpine country's women got the right to vote in 1971?
A: Switzerland's.

What U.S. state legislated the pronunciation of its name in 1881, to accent the first and third syllables and quiet the final "s"?
A: Arkansas.


What U.S. state do Knickerbockers knock around in?
A: New York.

Which is further south -  the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Horn or Cape Catastrophe?
A: Cape Horn.

What 120,000-square-mile African desert is almost completely covered by woods and grass?
A: The Kalahari.

What country managed to reduce its vodka consumption from 2.6 billion liters in 1984 to just 1.6 billion in 1990?
A: The Soviet Union.

What city did Sigmund Freud call home?
A: Vienna.

What bay do Royal Bengal tigers most often swim in?
A: The Bay of Bengal.

What Asian nation was not invaded by enemy forces between 1275 and 1944?
A: Japan.




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