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Celebrity Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free celebrity trivia quiz questions and answers.


Celebrity Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Who was born first, Ronald Reagan or Frank Sinatra?
A: Ronald Reagan.

Jerry Hall hails from which oil state?
A: Texas.

What actor was born Marion Mitchell Morrison?
A: John Wayne, nicknamed 'Duke'.

Which actor director was born on exactly the same day as singer Lou Rawls?
A: Woody Allen.

Who accompanied Hugh Grant to the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in a dress held together with safety pins?
A: Elizabeth Hurley.

Who did Jacqueline Bouvier marry in September 1953?
A: John F. Kennedy.


Reports of a relationship with which model ended the presidential campaign of Senator Gary Hart?
A: Donna Rice.

What movie made John Wayne an instant mainstream star?
A: Stagecoach (1939).

Twiggy was the most famous model of which decade?
A: 60s

In which city was George Michael charged with lewd behavior in 1998?
A: Los Angeles.

Which Richard did Elizabeth Taylor marry twice?
A: Burton.

Which Italian actress launched her won perfume Sophia?
A: Sophia Loren.


Which Mia is the daughter of Maureen O' Sullivan?
A: Farrow.

Where was Sean Lennon's mother born?
A: Japan.

Who is older, Jay or Donny Osmond?
A: Jay.

Which Spice girl was the first to marry?
A: Mel B.

Michael Jackson's first wife was the daughter of which "King"?
A: Elvis Presley.

How many movies did John Wayne star in?
A: He starred in 142 motion pictures altogether.


How many of John Wayne’s movies were Westerns?
A: Eighty-three.

Which Rolling Stone did Jerry Hall marry?
A: Mick Jagger.

Which supermodel Naomi wrote a novel called Swan?
A: Campbell.

Which Bob who founded Band Aid received an honorary knighthood in 1986?
A: Geldof.

Giorgio Armani is famous in which field?
A: Fashion design.

Fashion designer Donatella, sister of the murdered Gianni, has which last name?
A: Versace.


In his final screen performance, he starred as a what?
A: An aging gunfighter battling cancer in The Shootist (1976).

Which actress is Carrie Fisher's mother?
A: Debbie Reynolds.

Model Rachel Hunter was married to which veteran rock star?
A: Rod Stewart.

Ivanka Trump has a similar name to her mother; who is she?
A: Ivana Trump.

Brigitte Bardot was awarded the freedom of her capital city; what is it?
A: Paris.

Which 1980s US president survived an assassination attempt?
A: Ronald Reagan.

When did John Wayne make his last public appearance?
A: At the Academy Awards ceremony on April 9, 1979.

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