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John Tyler Trivia Questions And Answers

Trivia questions and answers about John Tyler


John Tyler Trivia Questions And Answers

Who was the 10th President of the United States?
A: John Tyler.

John Tyler was elected vice president on the 1840 Whig ticket with who?
A: William Henry Harrison.

President Tyler sought to strengthen and preserve the Union through what?
A: Territorial expansion.

Though initially a Democrat, Tyler’s opposition to Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren led him to ally with what party?
A: The Whig Party.

Harrison's demise caused Tyler to be the first vice president to succeed to the presidency without being what?
A: Elected to the office.

Upon Harrison’s death, Tyler immediately did what?
A: Moved into the White House, took the oath of office, and assumed full presidential powers.

Tyler was a strict constructionist and found much of the Whig platform to be what?
A: Unconstitutional, and vetoed several of his party's bills.


Early into his term most of Tyler's Cabinet did what?
A: Resigned, and the Whigs expelled him from the party.

President Tyler dedicated his last two years in office to what?
A: The annexation of Texas.

When the American Civil War broke out in 1861, Tyler sided with which side?
A: The Confederate government.

Most historians consider Tyler an obscure president, with little presence in the what?
A: American cultural memory.

On what date was John Tyler born?
A: On March 29, 1790.

The Tyler family traced its lineage to whom?
A: Colonial Williamsburg in the 17th century.

John Tyler’s father, John Tyler, Sr., was commonly known as Judge Tyler and was a friend and college roommate of whom?
A: Thomas Jefferson.


With his two brothers and five sisters, where was John Tyler was raised?
A: On Greenway Plantation, a 1,200-acre (5 km2) estate with a six-room mansion his father had built.

Tyler was an unhealthy child, thin and prone to what?
A: Diarrhea.

At the age of twelve, what school did Tyler enter?
A: The preparatory branch of the elite College of William and Mary.

John graduated from the school's collegiate branch in what year, at the age of seventeen?
A: 1807.

Tyler acquired a lifelong love of what author?
A: Shakespeare.

John Tyler’s political opinions were shaped by whom?
A: Bishop James Madison, the college's president.

After graduation Tyler studied law with his father, and later with what former United States Attorney General?
A: Edmund Randolph.


At what age was John admitted to the bar?
A: At the age of 19, in violation of the rules: the judge who examined him neglected to ask his age.

In 1811, at the age of 21, Tyler was elected by his fellow Charles City County residents to the what?
A: House of Delegates.

In 1813, Tyler’s father died, and Tyler inherited his father's plantation and how many slaves?
A: Thirteen.

Tyler was a slaveholder for his entire life, at one point keeping how many slaves at Greenway.
A: Forty.

Although Tyler regarded slavery as an evil, he did not attempt to justify it, and he never did what?
A: Freed any of his slaves.

After two years of being restless and bored at home practicing law, Tyler sought election to what?
A: The House of Delegates in 1823.

What was John Tyler's most enduring effort in his second legislative tenure?
A: Saving the College of William and Mary, which suffered from waning enrollment and risked closure.

In December 1825 Tyler was nominated for what position?
A: Governor of Virginia.

Tyler’s most visible act as governor was delivering the funeral address for whom?
A: Former president Jefferson, a Virginian, who had died on July 4, 1826.