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Charles Manson Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about Charles Manson.


Charles Manson Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Who is Charles Manson?
A: Charles Manson is an American criminal led what became known as the Manson Family.

What is his birth name?
A: Charles Milles Maddox

On what date was Charles Manson born?
A: November 12, 1934.

Where was he born?
A: Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

Charles was born to an unmarried 16-year-old named what?
A: Kathleen Maddox.

What was Manson first named?
A: "No name Maddox".

Within weeks, he was named what?
A: Charles Milles Maddox.


For a period after his birth, his mother was married to a laborer with what name?
A: William Manson.

Charles's biological father appears to have been who?
A: Colonel Walker Scott.

Possibly, Charles Manson never really knew his what?
A: Biological father.

The Manson Family was a quasi-commune that arose where in the late 1960s?
A: In the California desert.

 In 1971 Charles Manson was found guilty of what?
A: Conspiracy to commit the murders of seven people, including actress Sharon Tate.

He was convicted of the murders through what rule?
A: The joint-responsibility rule, which makes each member of a conspiracy guilty of crimes his fellow conspirators commit in furtherance of the conspiracy's objective.

A lot of Manson's early life is in dispute because of the variety of what?
A: Different stories he has offered to interviewers, many of which were untrue.


Manson's mother was allegedly a what?
A: Heavy drinker.

According to Charles, she once sold her son for a pitcher of beer to a what?
A: A childless waitress, from whom his uncle retrieved him some days later.

Manson's mother and her brother were sentenced to five years' imprisonment for doing what?
A: For robbing a Charleston, West Virginia, service station in 1939.

During her incarceration Manson was placed in whose home?
A: The home of an aunt and uncle in McMechen, West Virginia.

Upon her 1942 parole,  what did Manson's mother do?
A: She retrieved her son and lived with him in a series of run-down hotel rooms.

Manson himself characterized her embrace of him when she returned from prison as his what?
A: His only happy childhood memory.

In 1947, what did Kathleen Maddox try to do?
A: Have her son placed in a foster home but no home was available.


The court placed Manson where?
A: In Gibault School for Boys in Terre Haute, Indiana.

After 10 months, he fled from the school to his mother, who did what?
A: She rejected him.

Where was Manson sent, at the age of 13?
A: To the Indiana Boys School, where, he would later claim, he was brutalized sexually and otherwise.

After many failed attempts, what did he do?
A: He escaped with two other boys in 1951.

In Utah, Manson was caught driving to California in a car he had what?
A: Stolen.

For the federal crime of taking a stolen car across a state line, Manson was sent to what?
A: Washington, D.C.'s National Training School for Boys.

In October 1951, on a psychiatrist's recommendation, where was Manson transferred to?
A: Natural Bridge Honor Camp, a minimum security institution.


After temporarily honoring a parole condition that he live with his aunt and uncle in West Virginia, what did he do?
A: He moved in with his mother in that same state.

In January 1955, who did Manson marry?
A: A hospital waitress named Rosalie Jean Willis.

How did he support their marriage?
A: With small-time jobs and auto theft.

What did Rosalie do while Manson was in prison?
A: She gave birth to their son, Charles Manson, Jr.

During his first year at Terminal Island, Manson received visits from whom?
A: Rosalie and his mother.

In March 1957, the visits from his wife stopped and his mother told him what?
A: Rosalie was living with another man.

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