Sports Racing Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free fun printable trivia quiz with answers about sports racing


In horse racing, how long is the Breeder's Cup?
A: 1 mile 1 furlong.

Winning a total of 20 races, how many total rides did South African-born Michael Roberts take in 1992 English horse racing?
A: 1,068.

Which of the triple Crown races is held on Long Island?
A: The Belmont.

Herve Filion topped what sport with a record of 14,084 wins?
A: Harness racing.

The Spa-Francorchamps motor racing track is in what country?
A: Belgium.

The British call it stock car racing... what do Americans call it?
A: Demolition Derbies.

Horse racing's Melbourne Cup is held in what month?
A: November.

Racing's Niki Lauda born in which country?
A: Austria.

What is the name of the song in which Stephen Foster encourages people to bet on de bay?
A: Camptown races.

Bernie Ecclestone is associated with what multi million dollar sport?
A: Motor Racing.

Who is France's most successful racing driver of all time?
A: Alain Prost.

What is the last name of the racing brothers Emerson and Wilson?
A: Fittipaldi.

Juan Manuel Fangio comes from what South American country?
A: Argentina.

Walter Cronkite was part of what car racing team that competed in the 1959 Sebring 12-hour race?
A: Lancia.

What riding practice did jockey Tod Sloan popularize in horse racing?
A: The "monkey crouch" position - knees tucked under chin, upper body lying along the horse's neck.

In horse racing what are the three big races only for fillies called?
A: The Triple Tiara -  the Mother goose, Coaching Club-American Oaks, and the Acorn.

What racing competition became a best-of-nine series in 1995?
A: The America's Cup.

What racing sport achieves the highest speeds?
A: Airplane racing.

What piece of equipment do recreational bikes have that racing bikes do not?
A: Brakes.

Where is the horse race known as the Japan Cup held?
A: Tokyo.

In the season Damon Hill was racing's Formula One world champ, how many of his races did he win?
A: Eight.

What do the initials BMX stand for in cross country racing?
A: Bicycle moto cross.

Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. developed most of the rules of what sport in the United States?
A: Horse racing.

The phrase "turning point" came from what ancient sport?
A: Chariot racing.  Turning points were the places where the chariot drivers turned at both ends of the stadium.

Where did the word furlong as used in horse racing come from?
A: Back when a race was a furrow long... the length of a plowed field.

Mike Hawthorn, a Formula One motor racing world champion, won how many of his 45 races?
A: Three.

In the 1990s, who was the first racing driver to win the opening formula one race and not end the season as the champion?
A: David Coulthard.

Ayrton Senna lost his life at which formula one racing circuit?
A: Imola (San Marino Grand Prix)