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Easy Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers Kids

Easy free trivia quiz questions with answers for younger kids!


Easy Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers Kids

What type of fruit is credited with inspiring Newton to write the laws of gravity?
A: An Apple.

Chug, chug, chug, Puff, puff, puff is how what famous book begins?
A: The Little Engine That Could.

Every time Pinocchio tells a lie what happens?
A: His nose grows longer.

What is the name of the egg-hatching elephant created by Dr. Seuss?
A: Horton.

What kind of magic is used for evil purposes?
A: Black magic.

What kind of animal was Willy in the movie Free Willy?
A: Whale.

What kind of tree do prunes come from?
A: The plum tree.


Babe in the movie Babe, was what kind of animal?
A: Pig.

What album did Michael Jackson make following Thriller?
A: Bad.

What was the last name of the flying pioneers Orville and Wilbur?
A: Wright.

What is the proper response to the phrase "see you later, alligator"?
A: After a while, crocodile.

What was the last name of Buzz who appeared in Toy Story?
A: Lightyear.

What was the name of the caped crusader who operated in Gotham city?
A: Batman.

What cartoon character is always saying "what's up doc"?
A: Bugs Bunny.


What Washington Irving character fell asleep for 20 years?
A: Rip Van Winkle.

What gulf is to the south of Florida?
A: Gulf of Mexico.

What State is famous for Disneyland and Hollywood?
A: California.

Which state was the 50th state to join the union?
A: Hawaii.

What was the name of Clark Kent's high school sweetheart?
A: Lana Lang.

What was the name of the magician in King Arthur's court?
A: Merlin.

What is the hard white stuff elephant tusks are made of?
A: Ivory.


What is the liquid molten rock flowing out of a volcano called?
A: Lava.

What is the hardest natural substance?
A: Diamond.

Mickey Mouse has how many fingers on each hand?
A: Four.

What was the name of the restaurant Doc Hopper wanted to open in The Muppet Movie?
A: Frogs' Legs.

In the cartoon series the Flintstones were was Pebbles born?
A: Rockapedic Hospital.


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