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Funny Silly Trivia Quiz Questions

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Funny Silly Trivia Quiz Questions

Lord Byron is supposed to have had sex with his nanny at what age?
A:  9 years old

In North Andover Massachusetts, it's illegal to possess what kind of weapon?
A: A Space Gun

By law in Russia the homeless must be where after 10pm?
A: At Home

Name the kind of professional most often late for doctors appointments?
A: Doctors

On Sunday, in Columbus Ohio, it is illegal to sell what?
A:  Cornflakes

Louis the XVI, king of France, only took two (recorded) what in his lifetime?
A:  Baths

Louis the XVI, king of France did not consummate his marriage for 7 years - why?
A:  Overgrown Foreskin


Ancient Egyptians rubbed what on their dicks to enlarge them?
A:  Crocodile manure

Who was it that removed Broccoli from the White House menus?
A: George Bush

In Massachusetts it's illegal to put what in clam chowder?
A:   Tomatoes

The city council of Chico California set a $ 500 fine for exploding what in the city?
A: A nuclear bomb

Who is it illegal to frown at in New Jersey?
A:  Police Officers

In 1899 Jacob German got the world's first what in New York?
A:  Speeding Ticket – 12 mph

Ondinism is sexual arousal from what?
A:  Urine


If you Manuxorate, what are you doing?
A:  Male masturbation using your hand

A Capriphiliac has sex with who or what?
A:  Goats

What do 66% of Americans reading on the toilet read?
A:  Readers Digest

25% of Americans believe what fictional character is real?
A:  Sherlock Holmes

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