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Interesting American Trivia Questions and Answers

Interesting trivia questions and answers about America and Americans!


Interesting American Trivia Questions and Answers

What is the meaning of the Sioux word Tonka
A: Great - Tonka Toys

What company's first product was an audio oscillator?
A: Hewlett Packard.

In 1960, what was John Fitzgerald Kennedy's campaign song?
A: High Hopes.

Who spoke for the first time in a Bugs Bunny cartoon in 1951?
A: The Roadrunner.

What were the names of the two rival gangs in West Side Story?
A: Sharks and Jets.

What White house event did President Hayes, in 1878, start?
A: The annual Easter Egg Roll.


In 1969 Sport was the first magazine to run an ad for what?
A: Condoms.

Who was the Lieutenant Colonel who was the first black man in space?
A: Bluford.

In the U.S., what was the first TV test symbol?
A: Dollar sign.

What was the first manufactured item to be sold on Hire Purchase?
A: Singer sewing machine in 1850s.

Where was Bob Dylan born?
S: Duluth Minnesota.

Who was vice president of the United States when the Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima?
A: At the time there was no vice president.


Joseph Levitch became famous but was better known as who?
A: Jerry Lewis.

What U.S. city in California, hosted the final of the 1994 football world cup?
A: Pasadena.

What actor turned politicians first wife was actress Jayne Wyman?
A: Ronald Reagan.

What famous actor was given a honorary Oscar in 1985 after 50 years of acting?
A: James Stewart.

Wayne Brazel killed what Western figure in the 20th century?
A: Pat Garret.

Which flying pioneer was nick named the lone eagle?
A: Charles Lindbergh.

Russia has one, but the US has at least six of what?
A: Places called Moscow.

What did people say when answering the first telephones?
A: By saying what Ahoy there.

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