Kanye West Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Kanye West celebrity trivia quiz questions with answers about musician Kanye West.


Kanye West Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

What is Kanye West's birth name?
A: Kanye Omari West.

What is the name of Kanye's third studio album?
A:  Graduation.

When was Kanye West born?
A: June 8, 1977.

Where was Kanye West born?
A: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

Kanye's parents divorced when he was how old?
A: Three.

Who is Kanye's father?
A: His father is Ray West, a former Black Panther.

Who is Kanye's mother?
A:  West's mother is Dr. Donda C. West, the Chair of the English Department at Chicago State University.


Kanye was raised in a middle-class background, and attended what High School in suburban Oak Lawn, Illinois?
A: Polaris.

What age was Kanye when he moved with his mother to Nanjing, China?
A: 10.

How old was Kanye when he began writing poetry?
A: 5.

Yeezus, West's sixth album, was became the rapper's sixth consecutive what?
A: Number one debut.

What did Kanye's mother, Donda West, die of?
A:  Complications from cosmetic surgery.

Kanye's mother said she first noticed West's passion for drawing and music when he was in what grade?
A: The third grade.

What grade was Kanye in when he started rapping?
A: The third grade.


What grade was Kanye in when he began making musical compositions?
A: The seventh grade.

At what age did Kanye write a rap song called "Green Eggs and Ham"?
A: At age thirteen.

West invested how much money and took over a year to produce his second album?
A: Two million dollars.

After high school, Kanye received a scholarship to what school?
A: Chicago's American Academy of Art.

At the age of 20 Kanye decided to drop out of college to pursue what?
A: His musical dreams.

Kanye West's first official production credits came when he produced eight tracks on what album?
A:  Down to Earth, the 1996 debut album of a Chicago rapper named Grav.

West spent much of the late-1990s doing what for a number of well-known artists and music groups?
A: Producing records.


West got his big break in what year, when he began to produce for artists on Roc-A-Fella Records?
A: The year 2000.

Successful as a producer, West's real ambition was to be a what?
A: Rapper.

Multiple record companies ignored West because he did not portray what type of image?
A: The gangsta image prominent in mainstream hip hop at the time.

On October 23, 2002, Kanye fell asleep at the wheel and was involved in a near-fatal what?
A: Car crash.

Kanye's 2002 car crash left him with a shattered jaw, which had to be what?
A:  Wired shut in reconstructive surgery.

When was the album, The College Dropout, eventually issued by Roc-A-Fella?
A: In February 2004.

Kayne's album, College Dropout, was voted the what by two major music publications?
A: Top album of the year.


 "Jesus Walks", the album's fourth single, reached what on the Billboard pop charts?
A: The top 20.

What did Kanye West hire for his second album Late Registration?
A: A string orchestra.

By the end of 2005, how many Late Registration albums had been sold in the U.S.?
A: Over 2.3 million.

Kanye West raised a lot of controversy in when he posed on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a what?
A: Crown of thorns.

When was "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", Kanye's fifth studio album, released?
A: In November 2010.

Kanye released the collaborative album Watch the Throne with what artist?
A:  Jay-Z.