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George Clooney Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about George Clooney.


George Clooney Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What is George Clooney's birth name?
A: George Timothy Clooney.

When was George Clooney born?
A: May 6, 1961.

Where was George Clooney born?
A: Lexington, Kentucky, U.S.

Clooney made his acting debut on television in what year?
A: 1978.

What role did Clooney play on the TV medical drama ER?
A: Dr. Doug Ross.

In his role of Dr. Ross, how many Emmy Award nominations did he get?
A: Two.

Clooney played a leading role in what 1997 movie?
A: Batman & Robin.


George played a leading part in what 1998 film?
A: Out of Sight.

In 1999, Clooney played the lead role in what 1999 war satire movie?
A: Three Kings

In 2001, Clooney's had his biggest commercial success with what movie?
A:  Ocean's Eleven.

George won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for what Middle East thriller?
A: Syriana.

Clooney earned a Best Actor nominations for what 2007 flick?
A: Michael Clayton.

Clooney received the Academy Award for Best Picture for producing what film alongside Ben Affleck and Grant Heslov?
A: Argo.

George Clooney is the only person ever to be nominated for Academy Awards in how many categories?
A: Six categories.

In 2005, what magazine ranked Clooney #1 on its "50 Sexiest Stars of All Time" list?
A: TV Guide.


In 2009, George was included in Time's annual Time 100 as one of the what?
A: "Most Influential People in the World."

Since January 31, 2008, what has George Clooney served as?
A:  United Nations Messenger of Peace.

Who is George Clooney's  mother?
A: Nina Bruce Warren, who was a beauty pageant queen and city councilwoman.?

Who is George's father?
A: Nick Clooney, a former anchorman, game show host, and host of AMC for five years in the late 90s.

What kind of ancestry does George come from?
A: Irish, German, and English ancestry.

What is the name of Clooney's older sister?
A: Adelia.

Clooney's aunt was the famous actress of what name?
A:  Rosemary Clooney.

George has a cousin, Gabriel Ferrer, who is married to whom?

A: Singer Debby Boone.

As far as religion, Clooney was raised a strict what?
A: Roman Catholic.

After Clooney's family moved to Augusta, Kentucky, he attended what high school?
A: Augusta High School.

Clooney wanted to play professional baseball and tried out with what team?
A:  Cincinnati Reds in 1977, but he did not make it.

From 1979 to 1981, Clooney attended what university?
A: Northern Kentucky University.

At Northern Kentucky University , what did George major in?
A: Broadcast Journalism.

Clooney's first acting role was as an extra in what TV mini-series?
A:  Centennial in 1978.


George appeared as Bobby Hopkins, a detective, on an episode of what?
A:  The Golden Girls.

George started appearing in movies while working on what television show?
A: ER.

As of 2011, Ocean's Eleven was Clooney's most successful film, earning how much money worldwide?
A: More than $450 million.

In what film did George Clooney make his directorial debut?
A: In the 2002 film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

At the 2006 Academy Awards, Clooney was nominated for what?
A: Best Director and Best Original Screenplay for Good Night, and Good Luck, as well as Best Supporting Actor for Syriana.

George won the won the Oscar for his role in which film?
A: Syriana.

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