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Heather Locklear Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Trivia quiz with answers about Heather Locklear


Heather Locklear Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What is Heather Locklear’s birth name?
A: Heather Deen Locklear

On what date was Heather born?
A: September 25, 1961.

Where was Locklear born?
A: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

How many children does Heather have?
A: One.

Heather Locklear played what roles as on Dynasty?
A: Sammy Jo Carrington.

On T.J. Hooker what part did Heather play?
A: Officer Stacy Sheridan.

Who did she play on Melrose Place?
A: Amanda Woodward.


On the TV show Spin City who did she play?
A: Caitlin Moore

She had a recurring role on what TV sitcom?
A: Hot in Cleveland.

Who was Locklear’s mother?
A: Diane Tinsley, a production executive for Disney.

Who was her father?
A: William Robert Locklear, an administrator at UCLA.

Where was Heather Locklear raised?
A:  She was raised in Thousand Oaks, California.

What high school did she graduate from?
A:  Newbury Park High School.

Heather is the youngest of how many children?
A: Four.


What university did Heather attend?
A: The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

What sorority did she pledge?
A:  Chi Omega and Delta Delta Delta.

While at UCLA, she began doing what?
A: Modeling and working in commercials for the school store.

Spelling cast her in the role of Sammy Jo Dean during the second season of his what?
A:  TV series Dynasty.

The following year Spelling cast her in what cop show?
A:  T.J. Hooker with William Shatner.

After leaving T.J. Hooker in 1985, she became a full-time cast member on what TV show?
A: Dynasty until its cancellation in 1989.

Following Dynasty, Locklear had a starring role in what movie?
A: The Return of Swamp Thing.


She also starred in what short-lived sitcom?
A: Going Places.

In 1993, Heather began playing the role of whom?
A: Amanda Woodward on Aaron Spelling's drama series Melrose Place.

Spelling originally signed Locklear for a limited four-episode run, the first of which aired on what date?
A: January 27, 1993.

Locklear became a full-time cast member until its what?
A: Its cancellation in 1999.

Throughout her career, Locklear has appeared in how many television productions made by Aaron Spelling?
A: Eight.

What productions were they?
A:  Dynasty, T.J. Hooker, Matt Houston, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, Hotel, Melrose Place, and the made-for-TV movie Rich Men, Single Women.

Locklear was the guest host on Saturday Night Live on what date?
A:  May 14, 1994.


Heather also made a cameo in what film in in 1993.
A: Wayne's World 2.

In 1996, she appeared as the main guest on what show?
A: Muppets Tonight, performing in a muppet-style spoof of Melrose entitled "Muppet Heights".

Locklear was featured on the cover of what magazine on May 19, 1994?
A: Rolling Stone.

What two years was Heather was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People?
A: 1994, and 2001.

After Melrose Place ended in 1999, Locklear was cast in what sitcom?
A: Spin City.

Locklear earned two what nominations for Best Actress in a Television SeriesComedy?
A: Golden Globe Award nominations.


In 2002, Locklear had a brief recurring role on what sitcom?
A:  Scrubs.

In 2003, Locklear appeared in what theatrical film?
A:  Uptown Girls.

Locklear made a guest appearance on what sitcom that starred her former Spin City co-star Charlie Sheen?
A: Two and a Half Men.

Locklear then starred in what short-lived television drama series?

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