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Science Test

Science trivia test about things like Venus, rotary phones, positively charged particles, and more.


Science Trivia Test Questions and Answers

What "black metal" gave blacksmiths their name?
A :Iron.

What word describes the physical components of a computer?
A: Hardware.

What planet is the brightest object in the sky, after the sun and moon?
A: Venus.

What does a bromidrosiphobic shoe salesman fear?
A: Smelly feet.

What planet needs 248 years to meander its way around the sun?
A: Pluto.

What did 18th-century astronomer Edmund Halley chart 24 of?
A: Comets.


What's a video cameraman doing when he "juices the brick"?
A: Recharging the battery.

What New York City hospital founded the first school for nursing in the USA, in 1872?
A: Bellevue.

What type of telephones did AT&T stop making in the mid-1980s?
A: Rotary phones.

What Entertainment Tonight star's voice did the New England Journal of Medicine claim triggered a woman's epileptic seizures?
A :Mary Hart's.

What planet is named after the Greek god who personified the sky?
A :Uranus.

What home appliance did the U.S. produce seven million of in 1953, up from 6,000 in 946?
A: The television.

What are you forbidden to do in a "snuff zone"?
A: Smoke.


What teenage year does an American first develop phobias in, on average?
A: Thirteen.

Who would send you an e-mail message with the return address ""?
A: Bill Gates.

What innovation decreases the odds of hitting the car in front of you, but increases the odds of being hit by the car behind you?
A: Anti-lock brakes.

What red-blooded body organ are vitamins A, B, D, E, and K stored in?
A: The Liver.

What's the positively charged particle in the nucleus of an atom called?
A: A proton.

What cartoonist has had three insect species named after him?
A :Gary Larson.

What did William Stanley invent in 1885 to transfer the current of one circuit to another?
A : The transformer.


What is a siderodromophobic hobo afraid to hitch a ride on?
A: Trains.

What country was India ink developed in?
A: China.

What three-letter word denotes the residue of combustion or incineration?
A: Ash.

What fiber-optic instrument allows surgeons to see and repair damage within joints?
A: An arthroscope.

What photo company brags that with their products, "there really are no negatives"?
A: Polaroid.

What high-tech mogul appeared on a 1995 cover of Time headlined "Master of the Universe"?
A: Bill Gates.

What time period is sandwiched between the Cretaceous and Triassic?
A: The Jurassic.


What suntan lotion was developed by Dr. Ben Green in 1944 to protect pilots who bailed out over the Pacific?
A: Coppertone.

What colorless, odorless substance is the main constituent of natural gas?
A:  Methane.

What was the first place name uttered by a man on the moon?
A: Houston.

What does an AutoCut VCR automatically cut from TV programs?
A: Commercials.

What early scientist, after being forced to declare the Earth was motionless, muttered: "Nevertheless, it does move"?
A: Galileo.

What typewriter brand was invented by a man whose father made a well-known flintlock rifle?
A: Remington.




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