Ben Affleck Trivia Questions and Answers

Ben Affleck Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers.


Ben Affleck Trivia Questions and Answers

What is Ben Affleck’s birth name?
A: Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt.

On what date was Ben Affleck born?
A: August 15, 1972.

What movie did Ben star in for the year of 2001?
A: Pearl Harbor.

How many Academy Awards has Affleck won?
A: Two.

Ben had acting jobs from the age of what?
A: Seven.

Affleck directed, wrote and starred in what movie in 2010?
A: The Town.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon had many summer jobs together, working as construction workers and what?
A: Cinema ushers.


Where in the world was Ben Affleck born?
A:  Berkeley, California.

How many Golden Globe Awards has Ben won?
A: Three.

Affleck is the co-founder of what grantmaking and advocacy-based nonprofit organization?
A: The Eastern Congo Initiative.

As a child actor, Ben started his career by starring in what PBS educational series?
A:  The Voyage of the Mimi (1984, 1988).

Affleck appeared in what movie in 1993?
A: Dazed and Confused.

Affleck’s surname "Affleck" is of what origin?
A: Scottish.

Affleck and childhood friend Matt Damon won the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Screenplay for what movie?
A: Good Will hunting (1997).


When Ben Affleck was thirteen what language did he learn to speak?
A:  Spanish.

He then starred in What Two high-profile 1998 films did Affleck star in?
A:  Armageddon and Shakespeare in Love.

How old was Ben when his parents divorced?
A: 11 years.

How many Academy Awards did the film Shakespeare in Love win?
A: Seven, including Best Picture.

Casey Affleck is Ben’s younger brother with whom he has worked with on several films including what two hit movies?
A: Good Will hunting and Gone Baby Gone.

For what film did Ben Affleck receive a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in 2006?
A: Hollywoodland.

For what movie did he make his directorial debut?
A:  Gone Baby Gone, which he also wrote.


As a teenager, Affleck appeared in what ABC after school special ?
A: Wanted: A Perfect Man (1986).

Affleck won the Golden Globe Award and BAFTA Award for Best Director, and the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and BAFTA Award for Best Picture for what film that he starred in and directed?
A: Argo.

In 2014, what movie did he star in?
A:  Gone Girl.

Who did Affleck star with in the movie Bounce?
A: With Gwyneth Paltrow.

Who raised Affleck?
A: His mother.

Affleck starred as an aimless art student in what movie?
A: Glory Daze (1995).

Affleck is an outspoken member of what political party?
A: The Democratic Party.


Who did Affleck marry after high-profile relationships with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez?
A: Jennifer Garner in 2005.

How many children do Ben and his wife have?
A: They have three children.

Ben’s parents named him Géza for a Hungarian friend who survived what?
A: The Holocaust.

Affleck’s family moved to Massachusetts when he was how old?
A: Two.

What is Ben Affleck's father's name?
A:  Timothy Byers Affleck.

When Ben was sixteen, where did his father move to?
A:  Indio, California.

Ben Affleck and his brother were encouraged to make their own what?
A: Home movies.


When Ben was thirteen, where did he film a children's television program?
A: In Mexico.

At age eight, what ten-year-old did Ben become friends with who happened to live two blocks away?
A: Matt Damon.

Ben appeared at the age of seven, in a local independent film directed by a family friend with what title:
A: Dark Side of the Street (1981).

After high school, why did Affleck moved briefly to New York?
A: To search for acting work.

Affleck made a brief appearance as a basketball player in  what 1992 film?
A: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ben Affleck's father's life was an inspiration for what movie?
A: Good Will Hunting.

Affleck and Damon starred in the film Good Will Hunting and shared writing credit, and received the Oscar for what?
A: Best Original Screenplay.

Ben Affleck starred in the movie Armageddon opposite what famous movie star?
A: Bruce Willis.

How much money  did Armageddon make?
A:  $553 million worldwide.

In 1999, who did Ben star opposite in the romantic comedy Forces of Nature?
A: Sandra Bullock.