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Jennifer Garner Trivia Questions and Answers

Jennifer Garner trivia quiz questions about her life and career.


Jennifer Garner Trivia Questions and Answers

What is Jennifer Garner's birth name?
A: Jennifer Anne Garner.

On what date was Jennifer Garner born?
A: April 17, 1972.

Where was Jennifer Garner born?
A: Houston, Texas, U.S.

Where did Jennifer attend high school?
A: George Washington High School

How many children does Jennifer have?
A: 3.

Jennifer became recognized for her work as CIA officer "Sydney Bristow" in what ABC thriller drama series?
A:  Alias.

How many seasons did Alias air?
A: Five seasons from 2001 to 2006.


For her performance on the series, Garner won what two awards?
A: Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Jennifer had a role in what 2001 movie?
A: Pearl Harbor .

In what 2002 movie did she have a role in?
A:  Catch Me if You Can.

Who is Jennifer Garner married to?
A:  Actor and director Ben Affleck.

Who was Jennifer's mother?
A:  Patricia Ann English, was an English teacher from Oklahoma, who grew up poor.

Who was Jennifer's father?
A: William John "Bill" Garner, who worked as a chemical engineer.

How old was Jennifer when her father's job with Union Carbide relocated her family to Princeton, West Virginia?
A: Four years old.


Garner has credited her older sister, Melissa Lynn Garner Wylie, who resides in Boston, Massachusetts, as a source of what?
A: Inspiration to her.

What is the name of Jennifer's younger sister?
A: Susannah Kay Garner Carpenter.

Jennifer began taking ballet lessons at what age?
A: The age of three.

What high school did Jennifer Garner attend?
A: George Washington High School in Charleston.

What college degree does Jennifer have?
A: Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drama from Denison University, Granville, Ohio.

At Denison, she was initiated into what sorority?
A:  Pi Beta Phi.

Where did Garner study in the fall of 1993?
A: At the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Connecticut.


In 1994, Garner appeared in two Shakespeare plays, The Merchant of Venice and what?
A: A Midsummer Night's Dream.

In 1995, where did Jennifer begin pursuing theater?
A: In New York City.

Jennifer was cast in her first TV role in what made-for-television movie?
A:  Zoya, based on the Danielle Steel novel.

Jennifer made her feature film debut of the 21st century in what comedy?
A:  Dude, Where's My Car?

In 2001, Jennifer appeared as the supporting character of a nurse in what the big-budget epic?
A: Pearl Harbor, starring her future husband Ben Affleck.

On the TV show "Alias" who was Jennifer's  stunt double?
A:  Shauna Duggins.

Garner's salary for the show Alias, began at $40,000 an episode and rose to what per episode by the series' end?
A: $150,000.


After the Alias success, Garner made a big screen cameo in what Steven Spielberg film?
A:  Catch Me if You Can in 2002.

Jennifer's breakout film role came when she played Ben Affleck's in what action movie?
A:  Daredevil (2003), an adaptation of the comic book.

Garner stated that her training for Daredevil was more grueling than her work on what?
A:  Alias.

Daredevil got mixed reviews from the critics, but it was a what?
A: Box office hit.