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International Trivia Questions - Locations and Places

What central African state boasts a big "R" in the middle of its flag?
A: Rwanda.

What's the most popular honeymoon destination outside the contiguous 48 states for U.S. couples, according to Modern Bride?
A: Hawaii.

What Kentucky tourist attraction's entrance was allegedly discovered by a hunter while tracking a wounded bear?
A: Mammoth Cave's.

What three European countries formed an economic union called Benelux in 1958?
A: Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands.

What's the only U.S. state never to have banned prostitution?
A: Nevada.

What do Texas beef partisans call "wool on a stick"?
A: Lamb.


What mountain range's name is Sanskrit for "abode of snow"?
A: The Himalayas'.

What country boasts the world's oldest active brewery, dating back to 1040 A.D,.?
A: Germany.

What's the main mode of transport for the nomads who make up half of Somalia's population?
A: Camel.

What Western Hemisphere people spoke Nahuatl?
A: The Aztecs.

What U.S. state was once called West New Jersy?
A: Pennsylvania.

What city is home to the busiest stock exchange?
A: Tokyo.


What Central American country is bordered by Honduras and Costa Rica?
A: Nicaragua.

What Minnesota town boasts an annual celebration called Wrong Day?
A: Wright.

What two nations are alluded to in the first line of the Marine Hymn?
A: Mexico, Libya.

What's the only U.S. state to border Maine?
A: New Hampshire.

What peppery spice shares its name with the capital of French Guiana?
A: Cayenne.

What two countries border the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere?
A: Argentina and Chile.


What country in Eastern Europe has a name that means "people from Rome"?
A: Romania.

What South American country comes last alphabetically?
A: Venezuela.

What U.K. principality has its capital in Cardiff?
A: Wales.

What two countries are separated by the Tortilla Curtain?
A: Mexico and the U.S.

What Great Lake state has more shoreline than the entire U.S. Atlantic seaboard?
A: Michigan.

What mountains do the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Indus rivers begin in?
A: The Himalayas.


What nation will need an estimated 4,300 years to remove the 10 million land mines left there by the Soviet Army?
A: Afghanistan.

What U.S. state has the most unemployed dancers?
A: Nevada.

What was dedicated in 1982 when veteran Ian Scruggs said: "Thank you America...for finally remembering us"?
A: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

What nation boasts northern towns called Resolute, Eureka and Alert?
A: Canada.

What river do Mexicans call Rio Bravo?
A: The Rio Grande.

What was the city of Edo renamed in 1869?
A: Tokyo.

What European museum opened a controversial metal-and-glass pyramid entrance in 1989?
A: The Louvre.

What major city is close to the middle of the Iberian Peninsula?
A: Madrid.

What country is bordered on the west by Germany and on the est by Ukraine and Belarus?
A: Poland.

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