Easy Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers For Seniors Printable

Free fun long easy printable trivia quiz with answers for seniors.


What are Hugh Grant's middle names?
A: John Mungo.

What is the postal abbreviation for Oregon?
A: OR.

Calgary International airport is in which country?
A: Canada.

What was Burt Lancaster's profession when he worked in the circus?
A: Acrobat.

Who was the first Wimbledon men's singles tennis champion after World War II?
A: Yvon Petra.

The song Bright Eyes is about what kind of animals?
A: Rabbits.

In which decade of the 20th century was Jack Nicholson born?
A: 30s.

What is the last word of Shania Twain's song Man! I Feel Like A Woman!?
A: Woman.

What are the international registration letters of a vehicle from Fiji?

Which ex-Beatle recorded The Girl is Mine with Michael Jackson?
A: Paul McCartney.

In which year did Bill Hayley's Rock Around the Clock first top the charts?
A: 1955.

How many of his 71 professional fights did Joe Louis win?
A: 68.

In which state was Jack Teagarden born?
A: Texas.

Sitar player Ravi Shankar came from which country?
A: India.

How is actress Susan Tomaling better known?
A: Susan Sarandon.

Which Norman was a co-composer of That'll Be The Day?
A: Petty.

Lake Ehternach was the first venue for which world championship?
A: Fly fishing.

Which state is called the sunflower state?
A: Kansas.

In 1900, how much was George Eastman selling his pocket camera for?
A: One Dollar.

What are the international registration letters of a vehicle from Andorra?

In square miles, how big is Lake Erie?
A: 9,9140.

What followed All In The ... in the sitcom title?
A: Family.

Which New York Island was declared a National Historic Site in 1964?
A: Ellis Island,

How old was Charlie Watts when he took part in the Rolling Stones 1999 tour?
A: 58.

What was the Bee Gee's last UK No 1 of the 70s?
A: Love You Inside Out.

The world's biggest what was made in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania in April 1998?
A: Banana Split.

How is Carlos Estevez better known?
A: Charlie Sheen.

Who was older, Jimmy or Tommy Dorsey?
A: Jimmy.

Which English actress was born on exactly the same day as chess champion Boris Spassky?
A: Vanessa Redgrave.

Which country does the airline Varig come form?
A: Brazil.

Which country "outlaw" sang To All The Girls I've Loved Before with Julio Iglesias?
A: Willie Nelson.

Which aviation pioneer was flying with Frederick Noonan when they disappeared?
A: Amelia Earhart.

Who had a 60s No 1 hit with Moody River?
A: Pat Boone.

Whose albums include Busybody and Give Me The Reason?
A: Luther Vandross.

Which Gene recorded the rock song Be Bop A Lula?
A: Vincent.

Who was born first, Sharon Stone or Meg Ryan?
A: Meg Ryan.

Which politician said, "You let a bully come into your front yard, and the next day he'll be on your porch?"
A: Lyndon Johnson.

Who had a 60s No 1 hit with Wooden Heart?
A: Joe Dowell.

In basketball, where do the Mavericks come from?
A: Dallas.

Which musical featured the song I Talk To The Trees?
A: Paint Your Wagon.

Which character did James Cagney play in White Heat?
A: Cody Jarrett.

What was the first name of Franklin D Roosevelt's wife and US First Lady?
A: Eleanor.

Who sang the title song for the Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me?
A: Carly Simon.

What was the first film of the actor whose real name was Burton Stephen Lancaster?
A: The Killers.