Easy Trivia Questions


Easy random miscellaneous trivia questions with the answers.


Which Nazi died in jail after being imprisoned for 46 years?
A: Rudolf Hess.

What is the first title word of Meat Loaf's big 90s No 1 hit?
A: I'd.

What was the first name of the fictional sleuth Kojak?
A: Theo.

Which word went with Britannia to describe the supposedly vibrant late 90s?
A: Cool.

In medicine, what does the D stand for in CJD?
A: Disease.

Sky Harbor international airport is in which US state?
A: Arizona.

Whose Navy was the subject of a sitcom with over 130 episodes?
A: McHale's.

What did the Mason Dixon line divide?
A: North & South.

The Way We Were was the first No 1 for which singer?
A: Barbra Streisand.

Who had a 60s No 1 hit with Groovin?
A: The Young Rascals.

In which film did Madonna play Breathless Mahoney?
A: Dick Tracy.

Which English Kate became the face of L'Oreal in 1998?
A: Moss.

What was developed in the 40s Manhattan Project?
A: Atomic Bomb.

Which group backed Bill Haley in the 50s?
A: The Comets.

Which Quincy produced the Michael Jackson album Bad?
A: Jones.

Who was the most famous blonde in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?
A: Marilyn Monroe.

How did Allen Steward Konigsberg become better known?
A: Woody Allen.

Who was Richard Nixon's first Vice President?
A: Spiro T Agnew.

Which actress did John McEnroe marry?
A: Tatum O'Neal.

In movies, how was Dominic Amici better known?
A: Don Ameche.

Croatia and Slovenia used to be part of which country?
A: Yugoslavia.

What is the main airport in Germany?
A: Frankfurt.

Michael Hutchence was lead singer with which group?

In which city is O'Hare International airport?
A: Chicago.

Where was Elvis Presley Crying in 1965?
A: In The Chapel.

Drew Barrymore was born in which decade of the 20th century?
A: 70s.

Which caped crusader operated in Gotham city?
A Batman.

By what descriptive word was 1950s singer Otis Dewey Whitman known?
A: Slim.

What role as a member of her staff did the father of Madonna's first child have?
A: Fitness Trainer.

Which group went to the Chapel Of Love?
A: The Dixie Cups.

Which bandleader Benny was "The King of Swing"?
A: Goodman.

In which country did Ho chi Minh come to power?
A: Vietnam.

Which sport in the Olympics includes pikes, tucks and twists?
A: Diving.

In which decade did Gorbachev lose power?
A: 1990s.

Which Richard starred in Petty Woman?
A: Gere.

Which Heart was reinstituted as an honor in 1932?
A: Purple Heart.

Which Tom starred in Three Men and a Little Lady?
A: Selleck.

Singer Nat King Cole was also very talented on which musical instrument?
A: Piano.

What is the postal abbreviation for Montana?
A: MT.

In which state was boardsailing or windsurfing invented?
A California.

Robbie Coltrane and Whoopi Goldberg have played in films where their characters disguise themselves as what?
A: Nuns.

Which famous Briton did Linda Eastman marry?
A: Paul McCartney.

Which spectral hound of the moors first appeared in a classic 1902 detective story?
A: Hound Of The Baskervilles.

In football, what position is LB.
A: Linebacker.

Which country hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics?
A: Japan.

Which controversial American sportsman had the first names Orenthal James?
A: O J Simpson.