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Baseball Trivia Quiz

Fun baseball trivia quiz with answers.


Baseball Trivia Quiz

Q: What slugger did Boston name its third harbor tunnel after?
A: Ted Williams.

Q: What moniker did relief pitcher Jeff Reardon share with an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?
A: The Terminator.

Q: What punctuation mark did baseball clown Max Patkin wear on the back of his jersey?
A: "?".

Q: Whose record of 59 did Babe Ruth break when he hit 60 homers in one season?
A: Babe Ruth's.

Q: What National League ballpark is known as the "Friendly Confines"?
A: Wrigley Field.

Q: What strikeout artist is nicknamed "The Big Unit"?
A: Randy Johnson.


Q: Who was Joe DiMaggio nearly traded to the Red Sox for in 1976?
A: Ted Williams.

Q: What two Players led the National League in stolen bases every year from 1981 to 1990?
A: Vince Coleman and Tim Raines.

Q: What left-handed baseball legend's statue in Baltimore mistakenly depicted him with a right-handed fielder's glove?
A: Babe Ruth's.

Q: What does Yogi Berra advise you to do when you come to a fork in the road?
A: Take it.

Q: What was installed in front of major league baseball fences in 1950?
A: A warning track.

Q: Whose number 4 was the first number ever retired in major league baseball, in 1939?
A: Lou Gerhig's.


Q: How many career grand slams did Frank Robinson swat besides the two he hit in consecutive at bats in 1970?
A: Zero.

Q: What baseball team retired the jerseys of Ken Boyer, Lou Brock and Dizzy Dean?
A: The Saint Louis Cardinals.

Q: What sports figure, when asked if he'd seen Dr. Zhivago, allegedly said: "No I feel fine"?
A: Yogi Berra.

Q: What former L.A. Dodgers southpaw autographed yarmulkes that fetched $75 each in 1995?
A: Sandy Koufax.

Q: Whose single-season strikeout record did Nolan Ryan beat by one?
A: Sandy Koufax's

Q: What 1995 change to Kansas City's stadium "smells like baseball" to Cal Ripken?
A: Natural grass.


Q: Who did the Boston Bruins lose 18 straight playoff series to, form 1946 to 1987?
A: The Montreal Canadians.

Q: What did Phil Niekro throw six times in one 1979 game, including four in one inning, typing per game and per inning records?
A: Wild pitches.

Q: Who was baseball's acting commissioner during the infamous 1994-95 strike?
A: Bud Selig.

Q: What Baltimore hurler claimed the only thing manager Earl Weaver knew about pitching was that "he couldn't hit it"?
A: Jim Palmer.

Q: What Yankee pitcher threw his first no-hitter the night before his dad had open-heart surgery, in 1996?
A: Dwight Gooden.

Q: What relief pitcher was nicknamed for the pet he kept while playing for the Pirates?
A: "Goose" Gossage.


Q: What major league baseball team started playing in Coors Stadium in 1995?
A: The Colorado Rockies.

Q: Who was the first Baltimore Oriole to be named American League MVP?
A: Brooks Robinson.

Q: What Atlanta Braves slugger do fans call "Crime Dog"?
A: Fred McGriff. 

Q:  What base did Babe Ruth touch for luck while running from the outfield between innings?
A:  Second base.

Q: What Negro League home run king died less than three months before Jack?
A: Josh Gibson.

Q: What Cleveland Indians slugger nixed a five-year, $43-million contract offer in 1996?
A: Albert Belle.




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